Matt Nordgren: Dating Taylor Armstrong?!?

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There's just something so appealing about a woman who continually trashes the late father of her five-year old child. Isn't that right, Matt Nordgren?

Insiders tell Radar Online that this star of the alleged Bravo series Most Eligible Dallas accompanied Armstrong to a ball in Dallas last week and was "very affectionate" with her

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"Matt is a Southern gentleman, and has impeccable manners," a source says. "Taylor isn't used to being treated so well by a man. It's truly amazing that she has been able to find someone that she can trust, and that she isn't afraid of."

Taylor and Matt are reportedly taking their relationship slowly, although this mole claims Armstrong is telling pals "she is in love."

We're just impressed she has time to date in between all the interviews she's giving that detail just how terrible of a man Russell Armstrong was before he committed suicide in August. Seriously, she's a keeper, Matt.

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Wow people! Do any of you have any sympathy for this woman? She has completely had it. I dont blame her at all for speaking about her abuse. Even if you think it is in bad taste. Walk a mile in her shoes or any other abused womans shoes and then decide. And those of you who think she is ugly are just plain crazy. She is a pretty woman and you are all justvenvious!


Taylor is a posser. Not for you Matt. Taylor do you reallt think he wants to marry you..Lord, no..Have'nt you seen his show. Taylor no one believes you about Russel..How sad..You are a fake and only need a friend! LOL.. You live in a town of possers even your "friends" do not believe you. Get a life and leave young boys alone. You will need alot more plastic surgery to keep his attention!


No no she is to old for you you know who your true love is and it is Courtney Kerr


Easy to throw stones at glass houses. jealously is an ugly geeen monster. I think she looks pretty well considering what she has been thru, get a life..


Could the media give Taylor a BREAK, do any of you bashing her for the things she has said about Russell have any idea what it is to be beaten down verbally, physically and have your self esteem broken. Leave her alone, she has said some very nice things concerning Russell and no one talks about that. She is extremely brave and her daughter needs to know about abusive go Taylor....


What the heck?
I thought he was going to date Courtney Kerr, after the kiss last espisodeee.


Lmao,that guy is such a d-bag and his girlfriend on the show is just as bad. She needs a serious nose job. I love the losers that think they are hot and are not!!!


How dare you report your opinionated "story" on this woman. Have you met her? Were you in the room when he was hitting her? You have no clue. Speak to your therapist about your need to be liked by others by attempting to pander to the opinion you assume is the majority.


If you don't like this site, why are you on it?? P.S. Learn how to spell!!


She has THE biggest mouth and lips I have ever seen. Not attractive.

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