Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Introduce Twins to the World

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Mariah Carey may soon release a duet with Justin Bieber, but she made news this week for hanging with even younger, more adorable children.

The singer and husband Nick Cannon showed off six-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe to the world!

Mariah Carey and Kids

"It's just love," Carey told Barbara Walters in an interview with her family and about her family. "It's a beautiful place to be."

The couple is unlikely to have more kids, Carey said, due to her difficult pregnancy. But she could not be happy with the new little men in her life - or with the big one, Cannon. Following a failed marriage to Tommy Mottola in 1998, it took awhile for the artist to be ready to truly fall for anyone else.

"Initially I was afraid of the concept of marriage [again]," Mariah said. "But this is a different situation and a different time in my life... No one will steal my spirit."


hater i agree! mariah sings all breathy and hits those high notes all over the place for no reason. her songs make no sense, esp all the current hip hop crap. she lost her appeal when she left her 1st husband and all his good advice on singing pop. now she sings all ghetto, which is ironic since her black father left her early in life and it was her white mother who raised her alone, and it was all the white fans who made her a star. come down from your glitter cloud and start being real. who plays appluase in the delivery room when having a baby! get real!


Mariah sings like shit and all she does is bitch about her difficult pregnancy. Not all babies are cute and hers certainly arr not and I do not care who shares or does not share my opinion.


@yak, was gonna say the same thing. @THG really needs 2 hire a complete NEW STAFF!! Soooo unprofessional...btw, im available 4 hire, & i guarantee, u WILL have ur own & sum true stories


Carl, you are right!! I remember Michael Jackson having his picture taken in that hyperbolic chamber and getting press wanting to buy the Elephant man's bones. After that he was known as Whacko Jacko. Mariah doing stuff like playing applause from her concert in the delivery room doesn't make people think she is less crazy!


hopefully the kids will make mariah come down to reality and stop with the diva tude. come on, she wanted applause from her concerts played in the delivery room? i can see her wanting a full circus in her backyard on the kids' first bday. this gurl needs a wake up call. thought the glitter move fiasco would have woke her up, but doesnt appear so.


I'm so happy for her. She looks beautiful. I've never seen her eyes sparkle like that in a photograph before


Please God, forgive me for what i about to comment. I was wrong for laughing at the little boy, but i can tell that he have a little birth effect from what mariah was taking just to get the babies to be born safe. Mariah is too old to be a mother, cause there are so many problems with trying to have a baby in your late 30s to 40s. Your body shut down at a certain age and women have to be careful of what our body can do. What i will comment is God bless the family.


THG- Your story says that Mariah couldn't be happier with the "new little men in her life". Ummm, THG- one is a girl, the other is a boy. You really need to get your facts straight before you sit down & write a story. Wow!!! PS- Congrats to both Mariah & Nick. You both seem at a very happy place in your lives. I wish you both the best :))


i just had to post-thank goodness for positive people with a positive message,to juneesha or whatever ur name is-the top poster u should be ashamed those beautiful innocent babies,and for u to say the rude and crude things u did my goodness u are one sad being an you do know you will reap what ever karma u put out-and u maybe one of beyonces crazy stans----let people live and enjoy their lives and GROW UP LITTLE GIRL


crazy names and crazy mother. her next cd should be called crazy

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