Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Out Derek Hough, Won't Apologize to Dancing With the Stars Judges

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy sort of backed off his comments Monday about Dancing With the Stars being "his" show, but is still plenty pissed at the judges.

Chmerkovskiy laid into Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli after what he believed were scathing, personal critiques of his routine with Hope Solo.

Lacey Schwimmer and Chaz Bono, who were eliminated Tuesday night, felt similarly and supported Maksim, but Ricki Lake's partner Derek Hough took the judges' side.

That drew a stinging rebuke from Chmerkovskiy ...

Maks on DWTS
Handsome Derek Hough

"Derek Hough has been very supportive of his personal career on the show," Maksim said in an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.

"With all due respect, if I had Nicole Scherzinger followed by Jennifer Grey followed by Ricki Lake, I probably would not be upset with the judges either."

Maksim wishes he hadn't said in the heat of the moment that DWTS is "his" show and he is the reason for its success, acknowledging it's a team effort.

But he won't praise the judges, either.

"I had a long conversation with my dad and I don't regret anything," he reflected on GMA. "That's why I think I'm misunderstood in this situation."

"Everyone is waiting for me to bow my head and plead for forgiveness. I have nothing to apologize for. I'm in the business because I love it."

"The one thing I'm not going to embrace is pointing fingers and disrespectful remarks," he explained. "Why are judges allowed to compare us to animals and point their fingers and then we can't say our side and show our opinion?"

"I can't really lose with remarks like this."

Whose side are you on?


Maks is a hero. It takes guts to stand up and defend others. Sure, he's got spirit. I love him, love his personality, his commitment to excellance, and the fact that he speaks up when he sees injustice. Any person with a brain would understand what Maks meant by "my show". He always acknowledges TEAM and personal contribution. Those judges have needed to be leveled because they have been been inconsistent with their high scores and judging, their comments have gottie meaner and they've said things that are so hurtful (most recently Chaz looking like a penguin). All three should sit back and watch reruns of their comments... or maybe an authority figure can share some insight with them. The dancers and most contestants are killing themselves to perform and should get respect from the judges.


I agree with Max totally. He spoke from the heart in protection of his partner and all of the contestants. The judges need to be called out. Len may consider getting a little more pleasant... or retiring because has a Reindeer Antler stuck up his posterior; his sour attitude, mean and demeaning comments, and his consistantly low scores reflect that. Bruno, though a nicer person, sometimes says things that hurt feelings. Carrie Ann can be bitchy and also says some hurtful things. All three need to be placed on watch. Making fun of others and Bullying is no longer going to be ignored (in any age group). All that said, we do expect them to be fair on technique and effort, just be fair to all (not just your favorites) and remember the human spirit can be fragile.


why would maxim leave he's just making himself look worse he has an huge ego going to his head he should stop throwing a temper tantrum to what the judges have to say


Len does go overboard IN THE WAY he presents his comments, but I honestly think he wants to give the type of criticism to help the dancers become better. He could take some lessons from Carrie Ann in tact, though. Maks was way out of line. I see comments about how Derek has been given the best partners. What if Derek has simply created the best partners because he's a great teacher, as well as choreographer. No doubt Maks is a great dancer, but every season his rehearsal clips look as though he has NO idea how to teach and/or motivate. He's consistently antagonistic toward his partners and erodes their confidence. Not every is cut out to teach (I'm not able to pass on my abilities with computers, though working with them has come naturally since the very early 1970's. I'm just not a teacher!) I wish they would give Derek a "bad" partner, just to show what he can do!


Maks is a jerk. If you watched the team competition and the way he was jerking his partner around and stormed off like a lil b#%%\


Max should be fired by the way he treats his students on DWTS. He is arrogant and rude. It is very obvious in the way Hope danced tonight when she was taught by someone who was kind and was able to teach to her learning style. Even with the group dance Derik had to step in and teach her when hot headed Max left the room. I hope Max does not return next season. It seems he has had trouble with all his stars.


DWTS is wonderful. When dealing with so many artistic people, keeping their collective paces someone is bound to get there knickers in a twist.That being said momentary disrespect does call for an apology! Maks is as hard on himself as his partners. Watching still brings joy and respect for all their work. THANK YOU!


I think you are missing the point with Maks, he was upset because of the judges comments. They are there to judge the dancing not call people names or "bully" the dancers. Calling Chaz a penguin in his tux and commenting on Chaz's weight. These are celebrities not professional dancers! There should be more people like Maks that speak up for people!!!


Maks is too hot-headed for his own good. The judges are there for a reason. Its their job to criticize whether its good or bad. Perhaps Maks would get a more talented partner if he showed more respect to the judges and partners and adopts a better attitude.


i dont even think max is sexy. big zero. think his anger comes from insecurity.

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