Lindsay Lohan: In the Morgue, Seeing Dead Folks

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Lindsay Lohan dressed like a ghost in court the other day.

Oddly fitting, given that she'll be doing community service at the morgue.

The troubled star won't be touching any dead bodies while putting in her time at the L.A. County morgue ... but staring them in the face is par for the course.

Like a Ghost

Lindsay Lohan: Dressing in character for her stint at the morgue?

Lindsay is on sheet-washing duty and covered her mouth in horror when she first laid eyes on a not-living human and his/her blood and fluid stained linens.

According to reports, she saw the dead body in the morgue and was "shocked." Lohan has since moved on to toilet duty, a separate part of her duties there.

Despite that rude awakening, she is said to be good spirits, talking to other people in her group and maintaining a positive attitude. Make this is for the best.

Lindsay has been ordered to complete 16 hours in the morgue a week until her November 2 hearing. Yesterday, she was turned away after showing up late.

She may face real jail time at that hearing. Should she get it?



She's high in that picture. Just put her ass in prison & keep her there till she learns.


I think its so stupid that celebs get out of jail time due to overcrowding. Trust me if that were me, I certainly wouldn't get off that easy. But Lindsey has been doing this crap for far too long. She is not above the law. Fame and money can buy alot and I shows every time they are easy on her.

Dean clark

She is brain dead anyways..poor excuse for a human....this is why some folks should not have kids~~~


She should go to jail, but the judge also knows due to overcrowding, she won't stay there. Robert Downey Jr. stayed in jail a long time and he turned his life completly around. Judge needs to find away to send her for a long time without early release and stop seperating celebrities from the general population.


Please, she needs some serious help. No -one looks or acts this way if they are in their right state of mind.


She needs to start getting on track because she has been in court like 30 times something must be wrong wit her


No more excuses! IF she doesn't comply this time, the judge needs to stop allowing Lindsay's atty. to claim she didn't understand what the judge ordered. With a mother & father too dysfunctional to shut their mouths & start being REAL PARENTS & an atty. so willing to enable her client, this judge should admit that Lindsay needs a dose of 'tough love' BEFORE it's too late to salvage anything from her life.


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