Lindsay Lohan: In the Morgue, Seeing Dead Folks

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Lindsay Lohan dressed like a ghost in court the other day.

Oddly fitting, given that she'll be doing community service at the morgue.

The troubled star won't be touching any dead bodies while putting in her time at the L.A. County morgue ... but staring them in the face is par for the course.

Like a Ghost

Lindsay Lohan: Dressing in character for her stint at the morgue?

Lindsay is on sheet-washing duty and covered her mouth in horror when she first laid eyes on a not-living human and his/her blood and fluid stained linens.

According to reports, she saw the dead body in the morgue and was "shocked." Lohan has since moved on to toilet duty, a separate part of her duties there.

Despite that rude awakening, she is said to be good spirits, talking to other people in her group and maintaining a positive attitude. Make this is for the best.

Lindsay has been ordered to complete 16 hours in the morgue a week until her November 2 hearing. Yesterday, she was turned away after showing up late.

She may face real jail time at that hearing. Should she get it?



i love her she doesnt need jail she needs freedom


she is beatiful but she doesnt need jail sh needs freedom people


the little brat deserves jail, but let's be real it's a WASTE of tax payer money. she'll go in for 1 day and be let free because there are real criminals (i.e. people who are actually a danger to society). Lindsey is only a danger to herself - let her do what Amy Winehouse did - o/d herself to death. and make her pay fines out the ass to at least give the city if LA some much needed money


Lock her up with no special cell, or favors, or brought in food, put her with the rest of the bad girls, and see what rank she pulls in jail, she will see what its like with nothing, but your toothbrush , bar of soap, and a plastic spork for your 4 am cold oatmeal, no sugar!! follow orders or ass whoopin, them are the options


I blame her fucked up parents....who talk shit about her and used her and tore her down....I think she needs serious help not jail... jail is not working for her...The girl is not right in the head...She used to be so Beautiful... and she so messed up now she dont even care anymore about her looks...I dont think she'll ever become what she once was and I semi feel sorry for her and i truly dislike both her parents


She looks dead hope she dont think she is hot


Oh America! Our sick little game of controlling people's live. Worship the movie star then tear them down and feed them to the lions. Making money on both ends.


Wat the heck y did they leave that brat to go outa jail


are are the black spots on her cheeks?


Lohan is not learning from her mistakes. enough said. maybe she needs psychological help.


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