Lindsay Lohan Facing Serious Jail Time (Again)

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Stop us if you've heard this one, but Lindsay Lohan is a Class A F--k-Up whose myriad probation violations have her potentially facing a serious jail sentence.

The case is beyond complicated, but the actress could be sentenced to a year and a half in jail if Judge Stephanie Sautner decides she violated her probation.

Lohan claims people are trying to make an example out of her and she's done nothing wrong. But that defense has more cracks than her brittle teeth.

Lindsay Lohan, Fake Lips

Lohan's biggest problem is her criminal history.

Based on a 120-day suspended sentence for shoplifting, time served under house arrest, and prior DUIs, Lindsay could be thrown in jail for a long, long time.

The judge has lots of questions at LiLo's probation progress hearing next week, including why she was booted out of her community service program recently.

Lindsay was a no-show nine times at the Downtown Women's Center, and when she did bother to show up, did not do so for the required four-hour minimum.

Lohan, who was kicked out of the program and reassigned to the American Red Cross, has also been skipping her weekly, mandatory psychiatrist appointments.

She professional excuse maker claims she did a bunch of therapy sessions by phone. We'll see if Sautner is moved at all. The fit hits the shan Wednesday a.m.

Tell THG: Should LiLo go to jail and do hard time?


Mcoflinn: although im not going to point out everything in your comment that was false, I will point out one thing. You said she has nine months to complete it, yes, but she has to go (im assuming once every weekend) for a mandatory four hours. Which she couldnt even suck it up for four hours. Which just shows everyone that she isn't serious about doing whats right and fixing her life because she thinks she will get out of it. The judge has clearly stated she isn't going to let this happen anymore, so I REALLY REALLY hope she gets time and can't get out early because of some dumb reason.


(and the meth)


Poor LILo it looks like she is indeed in need of major help. I mean just cause she's a celeb doesn't mean she won't make mistakes or that we should judge her more harshly than regular people. Now if she's just doing this behavior cuz she's beyond conceited and wants to act like a 13yr old spoiled brat then it's all her fault. But if her behavior is the result of personal struggles such as depression anxiety and the like, then it's not her fault. She need HElP. Also it seems like she's letting herself go. At 25!!! That's concerning. That dull blonde hair is aging her 20yrs more. Also I think THG is being a bit to harsh in using such intense cuss words for her. Well, I hope she seeks help and starts developing a "I want to change for the best, for my health, for my family" attitude.


We just need a judge with some backbone to convict her like anyone else who does the same crap. Who cares anyway. Let her go the way of Amy Winehouse. Everyone enables her, she still drinks and does drugs and she is ugly as can be. Gross.


Hello. Lindsey Lohan is a marvelous woman. A talented actress. We will see great, passionate performances from her. As I see it, Lindsey wiil clearly be an Oscar winning actress one day. I have some talent. Lindsey has more. Way more. I won an Oscar when I was about her age. She will reman a phenomenon, and will delight us all. If I could win an Oscar, hands down she can win one. She's perfect just the way she is. She has never needed court ordered "be more Ike us" therapy. She is Lindsey Lohan. She will be Lindsey Lohan years from now while Judge Stephanie Saunter and all the other judges, prosecutors and reporters in her life will remain pathetically who they are. She is a rare free spirit that threatens the "follow all the rules" folks. She follows her own way. She'll figure it out for herself and do great things in her life. JOHN LOMGENECKER.


She looks like she is 50 years old. That's what hard living will do for you. I really pray she finds a center within herself and starts living a healthier life & get out of L.A. Hollywood is unforgiving - -there are too many wonderful up and coming talented young ladies that have well replaced her. I fear she is going to be another tragic Hollywood story. What a sad situation.


She should soooo go to jail.. Look at her, i feel disgusted jst saying her name. She has let her fans down n every one, i use to admire her bt now when i c her i hate myself 4 eveni lkin her in the first place


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