Lindsay Lohan Facing Serious Jail Time (Again)

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Stop us if you've heard this one, but Lindsay Lohan is a Class A F--k-Up whose myriad probation violations have her potentially facing a serious jail sentence.

The case is beyond complicated, but the actress could be sentenced to a year and a half in jail if Judge Stephanie Sautner decides she violated her probation.

Lohan claims people are trying to make an example out of her and she's done nothing wrong. But that defense has more cracks than her brittle teeth.

Lindsay Lohan, Fake Lips

Lohan's biggest problem is her criminal history.

Based on a 120-day suspended sentence for shoplifting, time served under house arrest, and prior DUIs, Lindsay could be thrown in jail for a long, long time.

The judge has lots of questions at LiLo's probation progress hearing next week, including why she was booted out of her community service program recently.

Lindsay was a no-show nine times at the Downtown Women's Center, and when she did bother to show up, did not do so for the required four-hour minimum.

Lohan, who was kicked out of the program and reassigned to the American Red Cross, has also been skipping her weekly, mandatory psychiatrist appointments.

She professional excuse maker claims she did a bunch of therapy sessions by phone. We'll see if Sautner is moved at all. The fit hits the shan Wednesday a.m.

Tell THG: Should LiLo go to jail and do hard time?


Man, this girl is fugly!


Why is this girl irrelevant. She was a so-so actress at best. She's
the product of a lifestyle filled with some preceived entitlement to
do whatever she wants. She is not above the law and should be held
accountable. It's time to stop playing with this idiot. She will
end up harming or killing someone or even herself. If the judge lets
this latest violation slide, then they need to open up the jails and
let the rest of them out. It's time to wake this chick up with some
jail time, period. The judge might be the only one to serve this
girl's life, if not she'll be dead before 30.


My question is, why is this girl so special that she catches one break after another? Are ALL the jails in CA so over-crowded that they continue to let one crime after another go unpunished? I hate to see anyone have to go to jail, but, this girl has NO respect for the law, and until she is held accountable for her actions, OR until a judge gets enough balls to hold her accountable, we are going to constantly hear about this girl, and at the rate she is going, one of these times its going to be that she is dead....Take care all


Regarding the last comment, I'd be surprised if Lindsay Lohan is even around years from now, let alone doing any acting, but your entitled to your own opinions.


I'm waiting for her to write herself a country song, "It's the whole world's fault, they're all fecking liars." She can have the world's smallest violins accompany her as she wheezes and hacks through it, in her stolen wardrobe.


Meredith :(


Ok, seriously, whoever wrote this article is one dumbass motherf*cker! It's obvious you WANT Lindsay to fail because it's all you have to look forward to you in your pathetic life! Mccolfin-I couldn't agree more, if Lindsay REALLY did anything wrong, she would've gotten a new hearing scduled, so obviously she HASN'T violated anything. Besides, we ALL know there's no way in hell Lindsay is going to jail for that long, legal experts pretty much confirmed that the chances of Lindsay going to jail at all next week are slim to none, so sorry to dissapoint you haters, NOT!!!


Lindsay has been given more chances than she deserves. Hopefully, in the Next few weeks, she will find out that she is Not "The Houdini" of the Judicial System.


Wow she looks really bad no wonder she's in jail.


She's such a scarecrow! I'm surprised when one of us says she's 25; she looks 58. If jail will turn her pretty so be it


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