Lindsay Lohan Cupcake Delivery: Denied By Morgue!

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Lindsay Lohan can't go a day of work/community service without incident.

Yesterday, the L.A. County Coroner turned away a guy who was about to deliver 36 fancy cupcakes to Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter got wind of Lindsay's move, then went to the front door and turned away the delivery guy from the local bakery.

That Pose is So Lame

"It's unacceptable. We're not here to accept food," Winter said, adding there are not even 36 people in Lindsay Lohan's community service program.

The order was placed at Magnolia Bakery by someone Lindsay knows.

Lohan later admitted she was the mystery buyer who ordered 36 gourmet cupcakes (and burgers from In-N-Out) to the L.A. County Morgue Friday.

She said it was simply a gesture to apologize and make good after the previous day when she was turned away after showing up late. Says her rep:

"Lindsay's well-intentioned actions were not taken in the spirit in which she intended; to say she was sorry for yesterday's misunderstanding."

To her credit, reports say she really did feel bad about showing up late Thursday and that was her motivate for the cupcakes ... but it's still a morgue.

A cupcake order probably wasn't what Judge Stephanie Sautner had in mind when she ordered Lohan there after her mug shot was taken this week.

Also to her credit, thought she didn't act like a spoiled brat on the job.

She got down on her hands and knees, which must have felt familiar by now, only she cleaned floors and toilets Friday. She also did laundry.

She even socialized with other volunteers. Brings a tear to your eye ...



Thank you for your insightful commentary, friend. You only consolidate my point for me.


Why does your bio of Lohan describe her as 'troubled' and as 'not starring in a mainstream movie in years'? What was the last mainstream movie you starred in, dbag? How can we describe someone who plies their trade by debasing others anonymously in a public forum other than 'troubled'. I saw Lohan in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete'. Is there not a bigger action flick maker than Rodriguez? Were the anti-racist themes in 'Machete' contrary to your hateful worldview? Nothing but haters over here.


Sparks stf up aint no1 being a woman hater so maybe u need something shoved up yours dumbass


Wow, cupcakes?
It seems that now everybody feels justified in teaching her a lesson. I just wonder how the LA County Coroner's life would hold up with the same scrutiny as Ms. Lindsay's. I thought his job was not enforcement, just looking at dead bodies.
It would be interesting to see if all future similar deliveries are refused even if they are not for her. To do otherwise would constitute discrimination.
I am sure all the department's employees thank you for wanting your hand in Ms. Lindsay's punishment, Mr.Winter.


The author of this article is a piece of human filth. The woman-hating comment about Lohan being familiar with being on her hands and knees is the sort of filth that only issues from the minds of the most depraved, hate-filled pieces of sh*t. Take your woman-hating brig-a-brand and shove it up your @ss.


Well I work at the animal shelter in Las Vegas where Paris Hilton did her community service and all it was,was an opportunity to do a puff piece for her show and they shut down adoptions for her smh.Plus she did none of the work that the other C.S. ppl do.Kudos to this morgue for treating her like everyone else who breaks the law......


whaaaaa? she know's how to clean toilets, floors AND do laundry too! quite a domestic indeed. she may be actually be useful to society someday! turning her life around is like getting the greedy banks/ceo's/criminals to stop sticking theirs' up the public's aahhss whole. admit it, we all love her, she's a darling beautiful woman that has been tooled and screwed by plenty of her 'very best friend's' (LOL) and drug suppliers' do judges and prosecutors clean their own toilets, floors and do their own laundry? who pays for their endless supply of liquor and party favors? hmmmmmmmmmm...


She is a spoiled brat that should have went to jail. Us common folk don't get the breaks she has gotten.




The long term drug use is starting to show. She looks terrible.


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