Leroy Bell on The X Factor: An Oldie and a Goodie!

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Leroy Bell has advanced to the final 32 on The X Factor.

What makes this an impressive feat? The singer is 59 years old!

Of course, there's an entire group of remaining contestants dedicated to this age group, that's one way The X Factor separates itself from American Idol. It will be coached by Nicole Scherzinger and it includes other hopefuls such as Stacy Francis. Does Bell have a good chance to win? Probably not, but it's pretty cool he's even in the running.

Enjoy his initial audition now:


U r simpily beyond amaizing...the passion,the luk, ur humblness makes u true star I watched x factor n u n astro were jst my favs!! Maad luv Bell all the way from Kenya Africa....


Just wanted to say hello, and to wish you all the best. I have been watching the show since the beginning. I usually tape it. One night had it on and there you were. WHAT!!!!! a voice. and not bad for the eyes :) I could not believe that you were 59, now 60. You wear it well, I have a long distance crush, will continue to watch and vote- remain faithful. In my prayers EMJ


He is good enough to win.


Beautiful & Unique



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LeRoy Bell is 60 years old! No, really, he is. The Tacoma, Washington resident has advanced to the final 17 on season one of The X Factor. More »
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