Lady Gaga Honors, Sort of Embarrasses Bill Clinton in Concert

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It's hard to blame former President Bill Clinton for being a little on edge about Lady Gaga's performance honoring his foundation's 10th anniversary Saturday.

He shared his panic with a packed Hollywood Bowl, telling the audience: "I wondered, you know ... she always kind of goes up to the edge. I thought, 'my God, I get Lady Gaga and I will have a heart attack celebrating my 65th birthday.'"

Fortunately, Bubba lived to tell the tale:

Gaga routinely switched up her lyrics to include the Clintons and at one point, she danced on the catwalk suggestively in front of the former first family.

She declared "I love you and your hot wife" at the end of "Bad Romance," and then, during a version of "You and I," Gaga again addressed Bill directly.

Raising her middle finger, the 25-year-old singer declared, "If someone had told me many years ago that I'd be doing that right in front of you I just would not believe it. I would have given a good American f**k you."

Alright then. A few awkward moments aside, Bill was thrilled.

"How cool is it to be 65 and you get Lady Gaga, come on?" he gushed later. "I am the only person in history who got to be president and who then had a post-presidential party attended both by Lady Gaga and the Secretary of State."

Watch the rest of her performance in its entirety below:

For those keeping score, Gaga and her antics have now made two U.S. Presidents noticeably uncomfortable this year (the other being President Obama).

Watch out, W. and H.W. You Bushes are next.


I think this would be great! Although, as most Tarantino rumors go, prablboy nothing will come of this.Gaga is a very talented artist, and gets brushed off as cookie-cutter crap by people who don't take the time to notice there is a lot more going on under the surface.Why would you think Tarantino would have to be drunk to make a decision like this?I've read that he and Gaga have formed a friendship. He even loaned her the Pussy Wagon for her latest music video, which has a cool Tarantino-esque vibe at some points.


To the person who put comments are tacky, I agree.


This talented artist has done more for music than any other musician in hisory, bar none. Luv ya Gaga!


My mother always said, If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Then Don't Say Anything At All, so I won't.


This just goes to show you that our country is going down the toilet. Everybody puts up with crap like this only because they are afraid to seem intolerant of others's differences. This woman makes me want to vomit! But then, again... who can blame her? She is just trying to win by shocking the audience.. I wonder how the next "artist" will top this. Poor kids who are about to inherit this trashy world!


Ha.. yew mad people! Why don't u just stay cool and listen. She's adorable!


Shame on her....She disrespects humanity with her "need to be weird". Can't stand her...


It's to bad that the comments before me are so bad and judgmental, if you knew anything about LADY GAGA you would know those are the things she stands up against. If you can't say something nice keep it to yourself. She has more talent in her little fingernail than I'm sure either. AAnd Gaga you were great, Oldest Monster


What is really funny is she actually thinks she got talent.


OK look, that's enough. Enough Lady Gaga already! I'm sick to death of this woman and having to be constantly deluged with pictures and news articles about how many times she farted or did something else disgusting to mask the fact that she is a no talent hack with a nondescript generic sounding voice and all flash and no substance. Geez!

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