Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney: Dating For Real!

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Reports that Lady Gaga started dating Taylor Kinney surfaced in early September.

Well, it looks like unlike many celebrity couple rumors, this one was actually legit!

Taylor Kinney, who fans of The Vampire Diaries will recognize as Mason Lockwood, has been seen leaving Gaga's dance studio in New York with her multiple times lately.

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The two, who met on the set of her "You and I" music video, make quite the cute couple. But that doesn't mean the romance has been entirely drama-free.

Apparently their relationship began, if you believe the Huffington Post, while Taylor was still with his ex this summer. We haven't been able to confirm that.

All told, Gaga things on the DL, but is reportedly very happy with this little (tall, dark, handsome) monster, while Taylor prefers to leave the spotlight to her.

No comment yet from Judas, Luc Carl or Jo Calderone.


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Hmph. Judas mad. I'm glad she's happy, but I wish she'd just choose already: Luc, Taylor, Jo, or me. It's that simple, Gaga, my love.




People are dumb she isnt going straight if you knew anything she is bisexual she like men and women


Lady Gaga?... a great human.


I'm glad she's going STRAIGHT at least!


You go gaga! She needs a real man unlike that horrible jobless luc carl ,he probably was no good for her. the hate is crazy. Some of you act like you know her personally you dont and can only make assumptions.


Lady Gaga,you are wonderful of World!


Good luck to both of them - just keep it real between both of you and the crap from the media out and you should be fine. Hey by the way to some of you doubters here - Lady Gaga is a public persona created by the artist - don't confuse that persona with the person Taylor is with in private.


Yaahoo! Musical beds! NEXT ......... ♬


How in the hell is he going to get to know the REAL woman? She tries on so many personnaes, which is the REAL her?