Kristen Stewart Bikini Alert!

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"I looked like a boy for a long time. Now I feel like a woman." - Kristen Stewart to GQ

Kristen Stewart breaks free from Robert Pattinson and breaks out a black bikini for the latest issue of GQ UK.

In an interview that will be available when this magazine hits newsstands on October 6, Stewart sits down for beers and nachos with the publication and opens up about the Twilight Saga, next year's On the Road and a lot more.

Kristen Stewart Bikini Pic

With part one of Breaking Dawn coming out in November, expect this to be just one of many, many magazines to feature the actress over the next few months. She also plays the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman, one of 2012's most anticipated movies.

In other words, forget drawing blood, as this cover teases. Kristen Stewart is preparing to draw serious box office bank over the next year!

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i agree with everybody who saids she play the same character. Its true. In every movie i have seen her in her acting skills are they same, she blinks & stutters, has the same facial expressions. Her acting has not improved. So sad.


Kristen is a beautiful woman now and don't be made because she is. I have seen all of her movies and have enjoyed them all. That is why all the directors and people that work with her think she is top notch! Love them...


Idk how she keeps getting movie roles. She can't act her way out of a paper bag. All her characters are the same. The 1st movie I saw her in was The Messengers and then seeing her in Twilight, it was exactly the same.
She's pretty don't get me wrong but geez give a little excitement in your roles Kristen sheesh


She is a horrible actress and I feel sorry for those top notch actors/actresses who have been cast with her in the Snow White movie. She's frigid and seems to play all of her characters with the same lack of passion.


You look HOT Kristen, been following you since your younger daze,,,you have turned into a beautiful young all your acting, and admiring your youthful beauty...cannot wait for my GQ in the mail..and "Twilight"..."Breaking Dawn"...November 18th ....