Kris Jenner on Nicole Brown Simpson Death: Shocking, Tragic

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Kris Jenner was married to one of the men who helped acquit O.J. Simpson over 16 years ago.

But in her upcoming memoir - "Kris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian," due out tomorrow - the wife of Robert Kardashian makes it clear that she believes Simpson murdered his ex-wife, writing in detail about the night of June 12, 1994 when Nicole Brown Simpson was killed.

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Jenner writes that Nicole called her the night tragedy struck and asked her to come over for a talk, but Kris declined because she was preoccupied with her family.

The next morning, Kris heard the news and says she "instinctively knew that in some way O.J. had something to do with her death."

"I truly couldn't believe she had been so betrayed by the person who she had once loved most," Jenner writes. "That O.J. would be so destructive and selfish and jealous that he would do that to her was just mind-blowing to me. All these thoughts were running through my mind."

The reality star adds that Nicole wanted to show her evidence of Simpson's beatings on the night she died.

"She had been keeping this in physical proof in the form of photographs and, it would, turn out, other evidence, in which she had documented 17 years of abuse."

O.J., of course, was found not guilty of Nicole's murder in 1995, but was ordered to pay $34 million to her and Ron Goldman's families in a subsequent civil suit. He was then sentenced to 15 years in jail in late 2008 for armed robbery. Truly amazing.


Anything to promote her brand...but dont worry, i see her marriage headed for a more devastating end at the rate shes going. Go Kris!!


To An Education: Word to your Momz


She is so stupid why would she not say something from the beginning? It befuddles me to think this could have been all avoided....I do feel bad that she has to live with this forever.


Atleast Kris has a pretty face.


Here is what you "Jungle Fever" Loving White Girls need to understand! #1 Jenner is a Self Indulged" Skank- that's why she didn't go to Help! #2 The reason everyone in the "Other 49" didn't give a Crap about N. Brown Killing is not because we think it was justified- Its terrible. That poor guy with her- he's the real VICTIM! Point Is this- Once you cross your ass across that Color line you will be looked at in another light! It's true! It dosent have a damn thing to do with Prejudice! It's Life! We have a Saying- Once you go Black don't bring your SORRY ASS BACK! This is why NO ONE feels sorry for BROWN and the Outcome! She Knew what she was dealing with yet continued to stay! This World is Not -Milk & Honey- Once you choose a side - Others then choose to Label YOU! It's a Fact!


Why is she just now coming out with this? Did she ever try to help her 'friend' get any justice? If not, then it's truly disgusting and heinous that she'd even open her mouth about something like this to drum up publicity or some other stupid thing. I pray that's not the case, but if it isn't, then why didn't she do more to bring the man she believes did it to justice for her 'friend's' sake?


What?!! I was too young when the OJ trial went on...but I have heard of it always in the media. I cannot believe and didn't know he was sentenced to 15yrs for armed robbery but was found INNOCENT of murdering his wife!!! I mean if their was evidence of years of abuse..then obviously he had no problem beating her up, y would he have a problem killing her?? Truley shocking and disgusting.


Luk I dnt y pple r passing such comments such is life n pls lv kris jenner alone she's a mother n she rlly kia's abt her family,she's a hardworker n a gud wyf so pls lv her alone!




Kris Jenner is a cheap s--t.She needs totokeep her fat mouth shut. That case is over and we do not need to relive it. Bah Huumbug


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