Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Let's Pop Out Babies!

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In one of the not remotely staged clips airing this Monday on the E!'s Kim’s Fairytale Wedding special, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries try to enjoy a casual meal as a couple in this for money love.

But the paparazzi are abundant, making it seriously hard for Kim and Kris to spend quality time with their own cameraman and prompting the NBA power forward to propose a solution:

"Maybe you should just move to Minnesota with me. We could move into my little house on the lake, we could just start popping out babies.”

Of course, Kim doesn't react well to this idea because she'd be leaving her family. No, not Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie. The guys from OK! Weekly and In Touch who pay most of her bills...


She's not white - she's bi-racial like her husband. Basically a mutt!


I would actually feel very sorry for the child bore to Kim K as that baby will be media whored to death Kim media whoring herself and living her life by a script is one thing its her life and obviosly she is doing very well from it but to bring an innocent child into this fake scripted marriage is very selfish and cruel I sincerely hope if these 2 do have children Kim waits till that child is old enough to decide for itself whether it wants to be on a reality show and constantly have cameras shoved in its face but I doubt Kim and her foul fame hungry mother would allow that poor child to have such a choice smh


Do you have a desperate need to be liked by trying to appeal to people's opinion instead of just reporting the gossip "facts"? You try to be cool but you come off sounding like a douche. Just report the story, that's what we come here for, not your idiot opinion.


i meant *Kris* sorry for the typo


okay okay not that this has anything with whoever taking what up the ass, but indeed i think she's in it for her label at the very least. she's even said that having kids would help her label. It's always label label label with her and her mom. She may very well love chris, but she should really quit talking about how anything could fix her image if she is truly wanting kids or a good marriage. I think her just saying things like that in front of the wrong person could cause big drama.


Btw Tmac why are you so quick to critisize "white people"? ur pretty naive since you dont know that the world is full of sluts and classy people of all races. What are you trying to get at? Idk ur gender, but if your a guy, based on ur shallow comment...I'd bet if Kim was willing to give it to u.. U wouldn't dare say no and you would give it to her "in the a*s. I'm not saying she's got class or not, idk her personally..but I don't think it's right u should speak about someone in that way. None of us really know what she is like, she could just be performing for the camera. Besides how would u act if u had millions?


@TMac shes not white, her dad is Armenian...and her mom is european or of European descent. So shes pretty much Armenian-American.


@ lol....geeze, lighten up. This white slut takes it in the a*s. Of course all that she does is for money. White people are wound pretty tight.


congrats 2 u both! shonuff!! have a nice life!


wow this bia needs her head checked. she can't take card of herself so i can't imagine how she'd take care of someone else

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