Kris Humphries on Divorce Filing: NOOOO!!!!!

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The divorce papers are in, but Kris Humphries refuses to believe it.

In his first official statement since Kim Kardashian legally asked the court to dissolve their marriage, due to "irreconcilable differences," the former New Jersey Nets forward doesn't sound willing to accept his relationship's fate.

"I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents," Humphries said in a statement. "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."

Kris and Kim Kiss!

Where did it all go wrong for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian?!?

It sounds very much like it's too late, however. Kim issued a statement of her own today, saying the decision was not easy, but the marriage is very much over. Who could have possibly seen this divorce coming? Oh. Right. Everyone.




Kris Humpheries is the kind of person Kim needs.
I little less of a publicity hog. She wants a
man who hangs on her every word, and wants to
milk the reality marketing machine. Kim sees
this as her career, not a temporary blip of


Kim is a spoiled brat. She grew up getting everything she wanted. So what did poor Kris do--tell her to pick up her own dirty socks off the floor? Not wait on her hand and foot? To divorce him after less than 2 months shows incredible immaturity and selfishness not to mention having no respect for the vows she took. It looks like she just wanted the publicity. Marriage isn't a game, Kim. You don't make vows with someone and then throw them in the trash a month later. Grow up!!


Poor Kris! He is probably normal and got tangled up with those K's who love only money and them selves!


Kris, this is the BEST thing that could ever have happened to u. Ur CONTRACT is over!!!! DID U DO your part well? Ok, now move on and find a "REAL WOMAN" for u


Kris start tebowing and thank the lord your out !!!


I believe @ this point k.k. needs to remove herself from the spotlight and find herself. She is looking for love to hard.She needs to allow fate to work its way in her life. As for kris let it go buddy.


looks like kim is dirty about something and wants to punish him


Am so sorry f kris.I lov the way kim got married and felt sad to here its,marrage is endurance.u ought to endure the two of u are role models y can't u set a good u can stil make tins go right.use ur sis kloe as an exampl.she has quarels wt her husband and yet doesn't felik endin it


Come to think of it we r happy for least he doesnt have to suffer with that nasty family anymore. He is nice guy,God saved him. That family have no respect for one another,not even their parents. And the parents spoil dem and pamper their egos.Dey can twwangg all dey want, but u cant stop da stink dat comes from inside.


This family is shameless. What a big show...such a fancy marriage...a big big wedding but no love inside for this poor guy. How superficial dey are. They change partners as if its just a material thing, lyk a doll. People have feelings...ppl are not toys!!!! Marriage is a sacred union of God...why do we look up to ppl lyk dis in society? Jus cos for what???????? Can you go any more lower than this...??? May God have mercy on ppl lyk this. Spoilt rotten...its atually stinks really bad.


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