Kris Humphries on Divorce Filing: NOOOO!!!!!

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The divorce papers are in, but Kris Humphries refuses to believe it.

In his first official statement since Kim Kardashian legally asked the court to dissolve their marriage, due to "irreconcilable differences," the former New Jersey Nets forward doesn't sound willing to accept his relationship's fate.

"I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents," Humphries said in a statement. "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."

Kris and Kim Kiss!

Where did it all go wrong for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian?!?

It sounds very much like it's too late, however. Kim issued a statement of her own today, saying the decision was not easy, but the marriage is very much over. Who could have possibly seen this divorce coming? Oh. Right. Everyone.




Give her time and she will fed just Like Paris who has screwed about 1 billion men and now as she is getting old everybody has forgotten her. So mommy Jenner, you can sell all your daughters (you've now switched to the younger ones. next will be your grandchildren!) but the truth is that once you over expose America will get bored and move on.


Kim jus needs to lay of d--- fo a while




ok i just saw someone wrote we dont know anything about these fools personal lives. Unfortunately we see their personal lives on t.v. every week and they are only attention craving morons and i agree totally with the person that said if we ignore them maybe theyll go away and all those magazines that paid for their interviews and first looks should get their money back for being scammed.


If no one paid attention, these bottom feeders might cease to exist.


Anyone could see, before the actual wedding, that she was far more mature than he was. In many respects, he still acts like a teenager.


@Me - I think we are allowed to say she is a whore. I've seen the video.


Kim slept wid so many men before her marriage, its atually a joke for her to do marriage vows. Despite dat Kris, who is even younger than her accepted her n loved her, despite her ponagraphic lyfstyle n into her dirty lusty family, who have no moral values or respect for others.Her sisters and her family were pushing her to leave dis poor guy, cos dey da Masters of Da Universe were not happy.Her mother loves guys who r louded to support the pampering.Sad sick world...ryan seacrest catch a wake up, you greedy man and show us somthing entertaining n substantial to our lyfs, not jus for your money making!


to the haters: who are you to judge? How can you assume to know all of the factors going on in someone's life? You don't even know these people yet you take the time to write mean messages about them. Get a life!


She's already been out with Reggie. Kardashian trash. He needs to count his looses, demand back the ring and go forward. Like Kim going crying to mommy when he threw her in he water and she lost her 75,000 earring. Kim and mom not even listening to him about his ideas for a wedding. Chris was probably there on the wedding night instructing them how to do it her way. Bruce Jenner needs to wake up next and get rid of those low class white trash scums. Khloe needs her mouth washed out with bleach, and Kim trying to throw dancing with the stars by tweetering Rob's number to call as Justin Beeber's new phone number. Rob should be thrown out for that trick. They all need to be has beens.


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