Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kris Humphries: Konfirmed!

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For once, the tabloids appear to have gotten it right: Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries.

Multiple headlines have screamed over the past few weeks that the 72-day marriage was in trouble, and TMZ now reports that celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser has been hired to complete the legal paperwork.

Kardashian will cite "irreconcilable differences" as the basis for the split.

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Kim and Kris were married on August 20, in a ceremony that reportedly netted them at least $15 million. There is a pre-nuptial agreement in place. The couple is also co-starring on season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, a clip from which shows them fighting.

So, is this all a part of the family's PR game? Ryan Seacrest has confirmed the news via Twitter - Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins - but he produces her shows for E!.

What is your reaction to the news?


Such a waste of people in this country relishing on such crap. But then this is what America is made of. I watched Kims Porn. movie on some porn. web site. Evidently they have not been able to buy it to remove it off the web. Kims idea of sex is laying face down and taking it from behind. Oh she also moaned a little. But had no moves and idea of what making love is like. So in retrospect. One didnt miss any thing in watching the sex video. I for one was not moved at all. KIM. Your ex-husband is better off with out you. You cant screw worth a damn KIm. You need to take sex lessons on fking.


Kim is trash and why he ever married the trash after finding her sexting messages to another man is beyond me !!!! IT WAS A JOKE !!! STUPID !!! People out there in the world starving and this trash spend 17 million on a wedding !!! I would never buy anything that is associated with these people !!!


Kim keep your head up, God love u so much. Kim u have a sweet spirit. God know your heart.Kim I ask u to give yourself a break and stay absent from sex and build a better relationship with God. If you believe in a God. Go to God with all your hurt and pain. He will help you through your trail. I love u with the Love of the Lord. Kim people are so evil just pray and trust God to see you through this trail.I praying for you sweet heart.


who really gives a shit when there is so many more things that matter besides some greedy gold digger who knew he didnt have what it took to take care of her greedy ass any time one ten million dollar wedding wasnt enough why should three be enough how many weddings do you have to have to be for real


Kris Jenner needs to quit running her kids lives and pay some attention to Bruce, who seems to be the only real person in this family. Kim does seem like a whore when you watch her sex tape and all the men since Ray J. She sleeps with every one that takes her to dinner. The whole family is a joke. Everyone ought to just quit watching this trash. They need to start giving some of that money to all the people in this world that need help. I used to watch it frequently but never again.


kris please learn how to talk or type. they buts? what the hell.
learn before you talk.


By reading all these comments I see there r lots of haters out there, what gives u the right to call anybody sluts and tramps and others names,I'm pretty sure if u have money u will spend it wherever u want, stop hating and if don't like them stop watching the show. Haters! Haters! Haters!


I made a comment on Nov 1st and it was there and now it is gone...put it back


I think that it's a pathetic world to have to resort to watching the NO TALENT Kardashians for entertainment. They are greedy, ugly hairy tramps. They are classless & that is something they cannot buy.


With all of the DRAMA in this Country, why in HELL IS KIM GETTING ALL OF THE NEWS HEADLINES ??!!

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