Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kris Humphries: Konfirmed!

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For once, the tabloids appear to have gotten it right: Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries.

Multiple headlines have screamed over the past few weeks that the 72-day marriage was in trouble, and TMZ now reports that celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser has been hired to complete the legal paperwork.

Kardashian will cite "irreconcilable differences" as the basis for the split.

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Kim and Kris were married on August 20, in a ceremony that reportedly netted them at least $15 million. There is a pre-nuptial agreement in place. The couple is also co-starring on season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, a clip from which shows them fighting.

So, is this all a part of the family's PR game? Ryan Seacrest has confirmed the news via Twitter - Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins - but he produces her shows for E!.

What is your reaction to the news?


Marriage is suppose to be forever......what part of that don't these people understand??


WOW,did anyone notice when he asked her to marry him she replied only after she saw ring, speaks to me she is so into herself no wonder she had to file whatever it takes to keep her in the light good or bad and we feed into it well not anymore her sister Khloe wasnt concerned for her sister but rather her percentage of the brand the whole family is a very wealthy joke I hope Kris finds a real woman not the plastic one he may feel let him go after all can he really imagine her being the mother of his children remember Kris look at the mother and you see what your in for in twenty years dont be sad be happy she has done you a huge favor listen to what the mother is saying these women are all control freaks I now fully understand why they wear pants so much they are the pants be your own man


What ever happen to really loving the person you are getting married two she had him at HELLO! and became HELLNO! you dont say you loved him when after a short time after the wedding you dont even give it a chance to work thats a cop out coward of her then run off to another country Thats not LOve~ shes two spolied and the family are right up the ass of anyone that might even think they have a way of making it as part of the family ~I say stay single like kortney and give all the money she make from the wedding to charity


Hi Kim, my heart goes out to you at this trying time. Haters will pounce but you need to stay strong. You're lucky to have a loving and supportive family and i'm sure they'll help you pull through. I'll keep you in my prayers.


kim your family is so over ambitious,life is too short for all these games. I love your sister Kourtney's relationship with scott. thats an epitome of true love despite all odds.Try to emulate her. Believe me, you are too cool to start having a negative history such as this. Remember money is not everything. we will all die someday and leave these monies and luxuries behind. its not late okay, u can still set things straight. good luck


Kim Kardashian scheme wasn’t the biggest of the year, Jlo & Marc Anthony pull off the biggest scheme of the year, they defrauded Kohl’s & Investor’s in millions of dollars in contracts, which what was suppose to be Kohl's "the first celebrity couple fashion line to simultaneously design collections for one retailer." Leaving the impression to everyone that they were the happiest married couple in the world, and when all the contracts will finalized, announced their divorce, Jlo & Marc would have never given the contract opportunity as single celebrities, especially Jlo for her bankrupt clothing line Sweetface in 2010, and her singing career, drop by Sony Records, after not providing any success in any of her albums she develop, leaving Sony Records in a loss of millions over the last ten years, and Marc, no fashion history for him, the only news that came out of him, was that he owes the IRS millions in back taxes


Its not the first publicity stunt wedding, and it won't be the last. They sure made a fortune off the american public! I bet this will be the cleanest divorce we have ever seen. They had it planned all along!


Kim you are doing what you think is best..good for you thinking with your heart and following that instinct... i wish you the best and i know you will find what you are looking for. You are a beautiful talented woman that deserves the best...and its out there waiting for you. love your show


Kim you are doing what you think is best..good for you thinking with your heart and following that instinct... i wish you the best and i know you will find what you are looking for. Yo


Wow you guys are vultures. Who cares if they are getting money from shows so are millions of other actors models and athletes. How do you know its kims fault they are getting divorced maybe its his fault.. you shouldn't jump to conclusions and stop being haters

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