Kim Kardashian Televised Her Wedding for YOU

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Kim Kardashian is nothing if not giving of herself to Ray J on camera in order to get famous and make lots of money.

In the latest issue of InStyle Australia, the reality star is asked why she televised her wedding to Kris Humphries and she gives a simple, totally believable answer: she did it for us, people.

InStyle Australia Kover Girl
Kim Kardashian in InStyle Australia

"We took weeks to decide if we were going to film it or not," Kim lies her giant ass off tells the magazine. "But I felt like my fans - everyone that has gone on this journey with me, seeing different relationships that I've been in - would feel cheated if I didn't film it. It was something that Kris and I were okay with, and the beauty of it is we get to edit it. It [will be] great to look back at that and see this time in our lives."

That sure will be a nice feeling. We're guessing the phoniest woman in Hollywood also won't mind looking back at the number of zeroes on the checks she earned from this completely selfless act.


kim looks so stunning on her wedding day she looks like a real princess and kris is gorgeous they are so picture perfect made in heaven what a beautiful married couple


I wonder if Kim K would have *konsidered marriage if his Name was Clyde instead of Kris. I think the Name Kris was the fit that *kaused this marriage. I'm Just Saying!!


Initially the woman looks attractive, but on closer exam shes an overpainted run-of-the-mill B list Celeb. Her fame comes from hyped up fans...the usual giddy female and the teeny bopper. Also the young hormone-driven male, who would do it to a snake, if someone would hold it down. It is a shame that there are so many talented and hot looking women out there, leaving the Kardashian trio in their dust, who don't receive equal recognition or better. In person, I'm sure it's worse and she looks like a fat-butted stumpy near-midget. When side by side with her new husband, it looks like he's out walking the family dog. I always thought that most women were obsessed about not letting fat go to their butts, yet the celeb hype-machine has been able to make this into a positive for this joke.


im so happy she's finally married. Now i hope her & Kloe get preggo, so they can, as yall 'kardashian haterz' say, make more $$$! U go girl, & dont laugh 2 hard @ the ppl that dont like u,but they make it their biz 2 read & write & watch ur sex tape that they dislike soooo much...dont laugh 2 hard Kimmy, hahahahahahahahahahahaha


She did it for the people? Were those sex tapes for the 'people' too? Overexposure of the whole I can't like stand them. You're old enough not to use the word like every five words. She said she was a size 4. How does she get her butt in that size?


@juniper, I totally agree with you but on the other hand there is more to life than money. So she has millions, big deal. It doesn't mean a thing.


I just don't find her face attractive at all. I know people say she's beautiful but I just don't see it. That makeup makes her look hard and fake. She's just too stiff and unnatural. I'd much rather see a down to earth girl, a little laid back, not so made up and posed all the time. I would go nuts if I had to be caked in makeup all the time, dressed to impress, etc. It would get old fast.


Who cares about her fake wedding? Sick of seeing her with her mouth wide open looking like she wants to suck a penis! She needs a life with the homeless and someone can bang the hell out of her. Kris Humrpries looks like an ape!


UGH - Shallow is as shallow does... But she's laughing all the way to the bank - mission accomplished.


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