Kim Kardashian Tells Magazine: I Want Privacy!

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Apparently, Kris Humphries is not the only one sick of cameras invading his life.

At her 31st birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday night, Kim Kardashian told People magazine of her two-month marriage: "It's not been ideal because you're newlyweds and you want privacy."

That does sound tough. If only there was something Kim could do about it.

Kim and Kris on Kamera

Kris and Kim's relationship has been a hot topic among supermarket tabloids over the last few weeks, with many believing they are just pretending to be on the rocks because season two of Kourtney and Kim Take New York premieres on November 28.

The show needs a storyline, after all, one a tad more exciting than Kim's wooden personality and Humphries' lack of a basketball career at the moment.

Referring to life as a member of her family as a "transition" for Kris, Khloe Kardashian remains positive about the couple's future.

"It's a work in progress," she told the magazine. "I really think he's a nice guy, and he loves her."

Are buying into any of this? Do you think Kim and Kris are on their way to a divorce?


Bo Bo Witch, Is that really what you call yourself? It's nice to see you have as little respect for yourself as you do others. I cannot believe your potty mouth, All you do by talking like that is bring negative attention to yourself, and maybe that's your intention. Wouldn't that make you the pot calling the kettle black? Or maybe you are just low or even no class, Can you form a sentence without vulgarity? You need your mouth washed out with soap. It's you I feel sorry for, with that kind of swearing you'll never have any respect in your life, people will just think of you as trash.


Wow Danielle, You are totally out of line. First off if Bruce was their claim to fame, then the show would be called "Keeping Up With The Jenner's." To compare Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian is sick. Prince Diana was truly a lady amongst ladies. She in no way looked for fame, she was a young girl in love, she had no idea what she was to going to go through. Her story was a fairy tale turn tragedy.


Like I've said numerous times, Kris should take as much as he can from the fat ass. Just as long as he keeps someone with class on the side. Kim sure has none. Kim is one big useless piece of excrement and should just go away permanently.


Want privacy? Nah, I think she secretly likes all this attention.


Isn't it kind of funny that someone who literally thrives off of the cameras and endless attention is now claiming her marriage isn't ideal because they need privacy??? You want fame, fortune, popularity? Fine, but there's a price to pay for all those things. You can't have it both ways, no matter who you are, how much money you have or how bad you want it. Maybe Kim should have thought about this when she was relentlessly chasing the cameras.




Give her privacy forever. The cheap untalented overated idiot. Go away.


You made me do something I never wanted to do. Find a reason to hate Bruce Jenner. Your mother will go down in history as one of the most manuipulative biaches who turned a bunch of nobodys into celebrities. Those cameras made you, stupid.


And the people who even have bad things to say about stupid people who become famous are the reason why the cameras follow them around and why magazines talk crap about them. i had a bad relationship before but does anybody here care? no. do i even care? no. you complain but your the idiots making people famous! the only people who should be famous are people who do something to help the world like albert einstein or someone of actual importance.


Awe, poor babies, grow the fuck up.You guys are pathetic, &jealous, if someone wanted to market one of you
( you guys brought my Brooklyn out). &offered you millions of dollars to do whatever, you wouldn't,t take it? If you say no you r full of shit. She is beautiful &sweet, beauty from kris & robert,, and I read some of your comments &their just Nasty,and racist. I think that Kris is a genious
she,s really worked so hard to make sure they will never have to worry about money &security...

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