Kim Kardashian Kast in Tyler Perry Movie

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Kim Kardashian just showed us.

A day after she turned 31 and we mocked this reality star for scarcely accomplishing anything in life that didn't rely on her large boobs and marketing-savvy mother, Kardashian has landed a major movie role.

Kim Kardashian Birthday Pic

She will play one of the leads in The Marriage Counselor, Deadline reports, the next project written and directed by Tyler Perry. It is based on a play by the same name and centers around a twist on The Wedding Planner:

Jurnee Smollett will portray a marriage counselor who excels in her job, but not in her relationship. Kardashian will take on the role of this character's friend, Ava. The movie starts shooting next week in Atlanta.

Perry, of course, has grown into one of the most successful and influential men in Hollywood. His films (Why Did I Get Maried?, Madea's Family Reunion) typically cater to African-Americans, making Kim a natural fit. She knows all the ins and outs - ins and outs, ins and, oh yes yes, outs - of that community.

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@Dremer: I made a joke about Kim having dated many black men, which is a fact. Care to point out where the racism is in that?


By the way I forgot to mention Congrats to Jurnee Smollett for actually getting THE LEAD ROLE, You are talented, educated, and truley beautiful. It's your time to shine...again.


This story is funny; I thought he was going to make her THE lead role. Glad to know he's not stupid. Tyler is just trying to gain more audience, not necessarily a diverse one but more, all money is green money and as much FOLLOWERS this chick has. She will contribute a good amount of green to his wallet. So fuck with his work if ya’ll want. Remember according to Forbes he is entertainment’s highest paid man this year. Ha ha ha , him and KIM will go all the way to the bank. Don’t get me twisted this fame driven whore is the least talented person in the entertainment industry, what makes it worst even in the adult entertainment industry. I probably will see the movie because I am a fan of his work.


i've been say'n this whole time, that @ THG, has alot of hating goin on wit Kim. I've NEVER seen so much bashing from "so-called" professionals. Whoever "Hilton Hater" is, it shud b "Kardashian Haterz/Wanna b sum1 else/needs 2 get a life"...i mean, sooo unnessecary. Get a life & grow up,yall sure do follow her every move. Oh, & btw, try gett'n sum REAL STORIES, NOT FROM OTHER WEBSITES!!!!


Your stories are getting stupider by the second, seriously what is your problem against the kardashians? Your remarks are uncalled for. Whoever writes these stories probably has a pathetic life and is just jealous of what kim has accomplished. Stop being so rude! "That community" really? You guys are morons who need better writers. Racist people!!!!!


Wow. That was a little bit racist. Whats ur problem THG?