Kim Kardashian Asks: What Have I Done?!?

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly miserable in her marriage.

According to the latest issue of reputable supermarket tabloid Life & Style, the reality star - who will take on NYC again next month, as previewed HERE - believes she moved too quickly with Kris Humphries and recently said to a friend:

"I didn't know marriage was going to be so hard."

Speaking of hard, Ray J once videotaped himself and Kim... nevermind. Too easy.

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style

Another pal of Kim's tells the magazine that Kim doesn't think she's "ready for the commitment" that comes with being a wife, which goes along with what THG readers have been saying for months.

They don't see this union lasting long, as evidenced by the following poll results. Vote now and make your voice heard: How long will the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries last?


Im so tired of kk she is nothin but a hoe.thts how she got her career.Kris u should learn tht u cnt turn a hoe into a house wife


I told you so ! I told you so! she obviously never gotten over one of her many relationships in the passed, so now she is paying for it. She needs to grow up now and end this marriage, so that she can go back to little Kim's play house to try to stop making bad choices in her life.


To helll with this useless slag's marriage it's her slag untalented existence that should be broken. All you useless no life snags that watch or support her or her family need to be shot. No wonder this country has gone to hell when it's citizens are so taken with useless,arrogant,opportunistic , talentless and undeserving pieces of dog $hit.


i told yee that this marriage wont last


Kim asks what have I done? I can answer that for you - you married a man for tv ratings for publicity and for the millions of dollars you made from your fake wedding your next move will have your foul rancid mother and your lap dog publicists planting endless stories in the tabloids reading 'kims heartbreak' or 'trouble in paradise' before you either announce your split or Humpty Dumpty's contract of marriage runs out nothing this family does is real every move is carefully planned out and scripted so whichever season or Whoredashian spinoff gets raitings and has enough fake drama to guarentee another season yes its all so amusing but lets not pretend this marriage is real - this marriage is as real as the easter bunny or the tooth fairy


EVERYBODY JUST NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP with ALL the negative bullshit!! Get a life..... No wonder why most of ALL you lame asses are not married.... YOUR FUCKIN PATHETIC!! They are happy and they will be fine as long as ALL you miserable lonely ass lame people SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop tryin to jinks them!! CONGRATULATIONS KIM and KRIS You guys are perfect for one another I wish you all the happiness in this cruel world! Stay strong you guys! AND lets prove ALL these hatin bitches WRONG!! Thank You for sharing your special day with ALL of us IT WAS TRULY AWESOME!! NO ONE in this world deserved it more than you.... YOU and YOUR family have changed and saved my life... THANK YOU!! PS- I think I cried more than you as I shared this phenomenal experience with you and your family LOL PSS- Thank God each and EVERY night for Papa Bruce but ALWAYS remember that your wonderful father is with you, watching you, and guiding you thru this extraordinary life that God has blessed you with!


I had this feeling right from day one I heared they were dating. Kim and this guy!? Mmmmh! Nothing of a perfect couple. He looks like baby boy on her. What was the name of the other body guard? Shingo?! That was a man for Kim but I guess he did not like the publicity that goes with it. He was too reserved and confident for the Kardashian's easy going game


Some of those Kardashians are getting to be TOO RIDICULOUS FOR WORDS!!! I think the most NORMAL ones in that family are Papa Bruce, sisters Kendall and Kylie and (MOST OF ALL) ULTRA-COOL Lamar. F.Y.I....Lamar, you are my FAVORITE on that show and the BEST thing about that show!!! Lamar, dawg...YOU DA MAN!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! As for Kim, I think that she got married WAY TOO SOON!!! Also, I firmly believe that her new husband is a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde kind of fella. Another F.Y.I....I am an openly gay dude and I know that I would NEVER EVER marry a guy who has a Jeckyll and Hyde type of personality!!! No no no no no. Whether or not Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries will last is really up to Kris and Kim themselves.


Kim's all about the material things, she doesn't know how to love anyone but herself. Grow up and quit being so sef centered and selfish.


Null, guess what: He does have a job. It's basketball. Oh, and I'd like to add that an actual, real marriage is probably much, much more difficult than one done for publicity and paid for by E! I've been married for a long time and we paid our own way the entire time.Guess what? The reality of a true marriage is that it's HARD. It's not supposed to be a paycheck or a television program.

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