Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Renew Vows on Ellen

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Yes, they still do.

On an episode of Ellen that airs today - check our local listings! - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries renew their nearly two-month old wedding vows.

A Pretend Wedding

We'd typically make endless fun of such a ridiculous cry for more attention, but DeGeneres officiated this pretend ceremony and cracked us up when she advised Kim to repeat after her:

“I take Kris to be my husband and co-star, to love and honor you to always put you first - or at least above Khloe, but below Kourtney!”

Of course, Kim then had to go ahead and ruin everything by being a total liar once again. Asked what she'd change about her and her man's big day, Kardashian said she'd "elope." Right. Does ANYone believe that? We have about $17 million reasons not to.


Kim needs a new hairstyle.


Lol ignorance is NOT bliss, but in your case maybe it is lol!!! Figure that one out genius! And by the way I take that as a compliment!


BO BO WITCH: Hahahaha! Good one!
Also I think businesschic27 is actually Kim K posing as a "fan". LMAO!!


Why not look at someone like Kardashian as an inspiration, she is very successful and was once very much unknown like all the rest of us. So what if her father was successful she made a name for herself, and so what if it began fr a smutty video Ray j released without her permission , she sued (or settled out of court can't remember which one), but look what she's done with it. Completely turned things around, eventually people may not remember that video but remember the empire she's created and legacy her family has left on the history of American Fashion and reality tv.


Why is it we as a a society or even as the human race cannot stand to see other people happy? And whats worse is the happier or more successful someone is the more we wish ill upon them, it's disgusting. We wonder what is wrong with the world, when we simply just need to look inside ourselves, the hate and envy and jealousy is the problem.


It's so sad anybody in life has to put up with this crap of a family always in our face. Go away already!!!!


I give 'em nine months before Kim and Kris kall it kwits. And I'm with SAY IT LIKE IT IS he married her for fame and popularity. Kim married the first guy that proposed to her because she couldn't wait to be married and have her "dream" wedding. He didn't even know she was married once before....hmmm, I wonder if he knows about her sex tapes cuz if he doesn't he must be living in another planet of the apes, ha!


ew shes a whiner and hes a caveman! Get married as many times as you want it wont make it last look what it did for Kid Rock and Pam Anderson


I won't say bad stuff about them or that I hate them, cuz well I don't know them! But I dunno about you guys but I'm holding my ears and just waiting to hear the gunshot! When we hear "kim and Kris no longer a Kouple!" I know it's coming...but I just don't know when. It would be great if they lasted, but come on this is Kim, and this is Hollywood! Lasting marriages are rare. :/


Shrek and Fionna!!

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