Khloe & Lamar: Renewed for Seasons Two and Three!

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Oh, thank goodness. We'll be able to watch Khloe Kardashian talk about having children for at least two more seasons on E!.

Sources tell Rumor Fix that the network has picked up Khloe & Lamar - the reality show that focuses on the one Kardashian sister with a personality and her Los Angeles Lakers power forward of a husband - for seasons two and three.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Photograph

“Khloe is super excited to begin filming again," an insider says. "She wasn’t happy with the way some of the things turned out on last season and wants to make changes for the better for the second season."

What might that mean? Sources say season three might be filmed in Europe. With that in mind, allow us to say preemptively: we're really sorry, Europe.


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khloe i really do love u and ur lamar i hate ur sis kim try and steal ur life i no that y yall fell out keep ur head up i love u so much keep it real dont change


I can't even stand these comments! Fuck the haters and keep doing your thing Khloe! You're my favorite (: Love youuu!


Khloe, when are you going to get a real career/JOB and stop living off Lamar's and your Sister's Money/Fame? you an Robert are Bums/BOTTOM FEEDERS. and you can't wait to have a baby? Are you for Real. you would NOT be a Good Mom!!!!
and why do you always have to HATE on everyone's happiness.
Like (Scott & Kort- Kim & Kris)Take Care your own Man GROW UP.


a Baby would Not be a Good idea for these two people, Trust me.
Khloe are you still on QuickTrim? if so it ain't WORKING!! I'M JUST SAYING.


Love you khloe n I wish u success


WOO! i CANT wait :D


Who cares about these stupid ass people! Kloe looks like Elvira and Lamar looks like Herman Monster. They make me vomit! Fuck off Kloe you big nose whore.


can't wait