Kendall Jenner Birthday Special: Actually Coming to E!

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Kendall Jenner will reportedly be the subject of an E! special next week, as the teenage half-sister of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian will be chronicled in the days leading up to her 16th birthday.

Photo of Kendall Jenner

According to Us Weekly, which first reported this story, the show will center on Kendall shopping for a car and considering a vital question in life: belly button ring or tattoo?!?

An insider even says the family is "trying to line up Nicki Minaj or Kanye [West] to perform" during the special. We'd rail against how positively absurd this sounds, how unhealthy it is to celebrate any 16-year old in such a lavish manner, but it's Friday afternoon. We're tired. Readers, please take over for us.



Listen- All BS aside- when it comes to your Sisters! Run!

Jaan black

she looks just like Khloe


if you have the same mom its not consider half siblings


I can not wait to watch the E! special where Kendall Jenner gets big gifts!!! Go Kendall Jenner!!!

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I'm so tired of this family! Why does E think we need a special show about each member of this family!?! Khloe & Lamar, Kim & Kourtney, (which replaced) Khloe & Kourtney, Keeping Up with, Kim & Khloes wedding ... Now this!? I don't hate these people but OMG enough is ENOUGH.


Dear karl: you are on a Hollywood gossip site, you are the only one who looks stupid. Go read CNN.

Wv peach

I'm really tired of this family.


damn...She's 16!!!! Ppl act like they hav'nt heard of 'sweet 16' bday party, & the reality show of it as well. WTF @THG!!! & btw, n my world, kids r younger than 16 that r driving, have tattoos, & ALL kinds of piercings!!! So welcome 2 REALITY!! Dumb asses, lol


She may be turning 16, but a tatto?!? If she does get one.....ill be waiting to see where and what! I think a belly button ring would be funky looking on her. Its not like she can really show it off anywhere.

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