Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics: Age Appropriate?

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Kendall Jenner has hit the beach once again. Or at least the bikini.

A year after stirring up controversy by posing in provocative swimwear, the 15-year old is starring in a new campaign for White Sands, an Australian clothing brand. The following photos will play a role in the campaign for this company's 2012 collection of bathing suits:

Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics

Jenner appears serious about a modeling career, as she walked the runway last month during New York Fashion Week and was "a delight on set and a natural in front of the camera," designer Leah Madden told People of this shoot.

Still, she's 15. Many may believe this is all too much too soon. Or at least too much skin too soon. What do you think? Is Kendall too young to be starring in a bikini-based ad?


This is harmless. Yes she's 15, but it's just swimwear. Millions of girls her age- and even younger- dress like this at the beach. I don't see why anyone would be bothered by this. It's age appropriate, and I think it's even more tasteful than last year's bikini pic. It's not like she's wearing a thong and stickers on her nipples.


That's provocative? Are you kidding me? I'd LAUGH if I saw a 15 year old girl wearing those granny swimsuits.


awwww...She's blossoming into a pretty girl. I thought she was just a regular-looking kid, but
now she's getting into the family business! Kim K. remains the most bankable stunner though.


Shes a model some girls model even little girl model can wear bikini come on......


i agree@Mel, & the main thing...SHE IS A MODEL!!WTF


Most girls on the runway start when they're fourteen. Why should she be any different?

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