Kelly Osbourne on Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: I Was Never THAT Fat ...

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Kelly Osbourne really does not like Christina Aguilera. She's come out hard against the singer's weight again, saying she was never as fat as Christina is now.

Just two months ago, the E! Fashion Police co-host blatantly called Aguilera a fat bitch and the c-word to boot. Osbourne has never been one to mince words.

When co-host George Kotsiopoulous defended Christina's get-up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, saying she's "still probably a size 2/4," Kelly scoffed.

"Trust me," she sniped. "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4. I was never that fat."

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain
Thin Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera at this month's concert and in January 2010.

The Voice judge has been the source of criticism for pairing a tight-fitting black bodysuit with fishnets, heavy-handed makeup and massive hair at the show.

It's unclear exactly why Osbourne hates her so much, but this summer, she said, "She called me fat for f*cking years, so you know what? You're fat, too."

What do you think? Has Christina Aguilera put on weight recently, and does it matter? Does she look better now? Should Kelly Osbourne shut her yap?

Leave your comments on this vitally important celebrity feud below.

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I like the fat christina....keep eating girl!


kelly is right she was never as fat as her,she was fatter! ugh i hate when old fat people get skinny and wanna then call skinny people fat when they notice some lumps or jiggle like really kelly your just now lookin good. like you were talked about for years and now you wanna talk about people. your like that high school bully who was teased in elementary school and finally hit puberty. SHUT THE HELL UP!


I could give a shit less about this feud, but this Kelly Osbourne is just disgusting. She may have lost some weight(although I think she's still a fat pig) but she definatly didn't lose the UGLY. She's still as homely as ever! She acts like some beauty queen, but man she is still a ugly fat pig.


Kelli, I'm a 2/4 and there's NO way YOU are a 2/4 either my dear, except for at Old Navy where the sizes run so large. I just can't believe she said she used to be fat but not "THAT" fat. Hello! We weren't born yesterday - you were DEFINITELY that fat (and fatter). I hate when formerly fat people talk about how skinny they are or how fat someone else is. It's so transparent that they're still insecure. If you look good then you don't have to put other people down. And if you live in the public eye, you shouldn't tell blatant lies like "I was never that fat" when we saw you on tv that fat and fatter.


I think this is so fucking just because kelly o is part of fashion police it now makes her able to cut down on others? seriously , grow the fuck up, xtina is so beautiful and talented, weight is nothing and means nothing, we are what we feel like becoming thin or heavy we all have feelings and deserve to be loved!!! kelly grow up, u would be nothing without your daddy!!!! LOVE U CHRISTINA YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABE!!!


This is ridiculous, If Christina did make fun of her because of her weight shame on her, That doesnt make it right that you do the same thing, grow up


Christina Aguilera is gorgeous and has an amazing voice and Kelly Osbourne is and always was jealous of her. Christina looks good the way she is now, either way she looks good at any weight. She has amazing talent, beautiful, and proud to be herself and that is one of the main reasons I love her, and Kelly Osbourne will never be that so she needs to shut up and keep her opionions about christina Aguilera to herself, nobody cares about ur opinion of Christina, and ur opinion on anything really, Idk what ur doing on the fasion police bec the last time I checked you have no fasion sense, u just got the job because of ur daddy! Leave Christina alone she doesn't have time for u or ur opinion's about her, and get a life of your own!


Grr argh! Kelly used to be fat, now she's not, Christina is fat now, Kelly can't sing & Christinia over does it. They both have awesome tv careers so let's move on. This is High school stuff!


Kelly Osbourne should shut the fuck up and get a life. Xtina is HOOOOOOOT so go talk about someone else before insulting xtina beautiful aguilera, thanks.


Kelly you may be thinner than Christina but she is still hotter than you will ever be.