Kelly Osbourne on Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: I Was Never THAT Fat ...

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Kelly Osbourne really does not like Christina Aguilera. She's come out hard against the singer's weight again, saying she was never as fat as Christina is now.

Just two months ago, the E! Fashion Police co-host blatantly called Aguilera a fat bitch and the c-word to boot. Osbourne has never been one to mince words.

When co-host George Kotsiopoulous defended Christina's get-up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, saying she's "still probably a size 2/4," Kelly scoffed.

"Trust me," she sniped. "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4. I was never that fat."

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain
Thin Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera at this month's concert and in January 2010.

The Voice judge has been the source of criticism for pairing a tight-fitting black bodysuit with fishnets, heavy-handed makeup and massive hair at the show.

It's unclear exactly why Osbourne hates her so much, but this summer, she said, "She called me fat for f*cking years, so you know what? You're fat, too."

What do you think? Has Christina Aguilera put on weight recently, and does it matter? Does she look better now? Should Kelly Osbourne shut her yap?

Leave your comments on this vitally important celebrity feud below.

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Uhhhm okay first thing first...Christina called Kelly fat first so by her doing that she is the wrong one here!!!the wheel just turned on xtina and Kelly is just getting back her sweet revenge!!this has nothing to do with who has talent just so by the way


IM not choosing sides they are both FAT and christina is stupid for calling kelly fat earlier in the years . karma is a bxtch. but kelly you shouldnt go yapping about her being bigger than you. YOU were way heavier


Poor Kelly my ass! She was going at Christina first.That cow.Christina has real talent and not living off the fame of her parents. So F all you Kelly fans!


I think both Kelly and Christina look beautiful, but I'm definitely on Team Christina. Kelly said she wasn't as fat as Christina? Uhhh... Yes she was. She was a lot worse too if I remember correctly. I also have a weight problem, so I know what it's like being called fat. It hurts, and all Kelly is doing is shooting off her mouth at people who have more talent in one hair than she could ever have in 2000 clones of her own body.
Christina is beautiful no matter what she looks like because everyone is beautiful on the inside, if not the outside. She taught me that. You know what Kelly taught me? Punk Rock Madonna covers SUCK and no one should ever try that again. Thanks Kelly!


I am a fan of Christina. I think she is beautiful and so talented fat or skinny. So many pictures these days are taken out of text. Bad angles and shots make the artist look much worse than in person. Both girls should practice silence when it comes to weight. All women have weight issues!!! Wright loss or gain is sensitive subject no matter how you look. Who cares if you are fat, it only matters if you are happy with yourself. Picking on others won't burn calories people. Love yourself and don't stoop to the level of talking smack about others. You never know what life has in store for you.


I think Christina looks great!! In a society that worries about weight, I think it is great that she flaunts her curves. Who is Kelly to comment on Christina s weight. Kelly was once heavy and how dare she make fun of christina! I m on Christina s side here. If u r confident Christina, then flaunt it because girl u r rocking the hot look!


im sorry kelly but u were much fatter than christina is now!! just bc u lost weight, u think you can insult others now? i would think that u would ne a lil more sympathetic since u had a weight issue too. and im sorry , what is your talent? nothing. youre just famous cuz of your burnt out dad. keep insulting others...i know you wont stay thin forever. youll be huge again one of these days. dumb bitch.


I really don't think kelly turn her life around if she is bitching on other people apparence. Its childish and stupid. She should understand what people feel when they are bigger and not laugh at them. Maybe kelly lost weight but she should works her inside too.


@Grissgut: A woman has the right to wear whatever she wants no matter what size she is. People who harshly criticize others- famous or not- for the clothes they wear and their size are immature and insecure. You say that Christina needs to dress more 'classy', but your comments reveal that you're not classy yourself, calling someone a fat whorish pig on the internet. And you say you're 55? You have the maturity level of a 15 year old. At your old age you should know better than that. Why don't you worry about your upcoming retirement instead of celebrity weight and wardrobe, Grandma.


Christina needs to realize she is fat and needs to dress more appropriately for her size. She looks digusting. I am a mere nobody schmuck and I would not be caught dead wearing this in my bedroom, much less in public instead thousands of people. Does she own a mirror. Grow up and cover up those bulging thighs!!