Kelly Osbourne on Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: I Was Never THAT Fat ...

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Kelly Osbourne really does not like Christina Aguilera. She's come out hard against the singer's weight again, saying she was never as fat as Christina is now.

Just two months ago, the E! Fashion Police co-host blatantly called Aguilera a fat bitch and the c-word to boot. Osbourne has never been one to mince words.

When co-host George Kotsiopoulous defended Christina's get-up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, saying she's "still probably a size 2/4," Kelly scoffed.

"Trust me," she sniped. "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4. I was never that fat."

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain
Thin Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera at this month's concert and in January 2010.

The Voice judge has been the source of criticism for pairing a tight-fitting black bodysuit with fishnets, heavy-handed makeup and massive hair at the show.

It's unclear exactly why Osbourne hates her so much, but this summer, she said, "She called me fat for f*cking years, so you know what? You're fat, too."

What do you think? Has Christina Aguilera put on weight recently, and does it matter? Does she look better now? Should Kelly Osbourne shut her yap?

Leave your comments on this vitally important celebrity feud below.

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mmm.. I'm on kellys side. She has gone through alot and i don't liem the fact that x-tina has called her fat. that's mean man.. but serriously, why can't the just stop it?


Kelly Osbourne is a fat, ugly slob with a huge head.


Have we all forgotten Kelly started this when she said she wanted to fing kill herself after hearing Christina's My Kind Of Christmas.Christina never called her fat Kelly really needs to take a long look in the mirror you're not prefect bitch and you never will be.Lets look at the facts here Christina is famous because her voice,songs,and songwriting Kelly is only famous because of her father hurts don't it bitch stay mad.


Whoa you bitch ass kelly do you have a kid no I didn't think so you ass so go to hell Xtina is 100 times sexier than you you only said that on live TV because your jealous so take your slutty ugly lookin as somewhere else back to london because sweetie i'll tell ya no one wants a bithcin america


Sorry Kelly, but have you had a child? No you were just fat for no reason. You're are all high and mighty yet you're famous 'cause your parents are. Is Christina's family famous so now she is?? No she actually has a talent. Picking on her 'cause she is 'fat' still 10 times prettier than you.


Christina is not a model,or an athlete- she's a singer, what counts is her voice. I dont expect to see singers to get up on stage and wear skimpy clothes and fishnets; ok, guys do right? How many guys do you see making comments on here? maybe Kelly (what does she do again?) and Christina should team up against whoever expects them to be bone racks (in other words bony with big boobs) instead of fighting over whoever was the fattest!


Kelly--Needs to stfu. She was 10 times fatter the Christian!


Sorry but Kelly was fat she knows she was fat she said it herself and besides she was was bigger than christina looks in that pic with her lyin self just like she tryin to say she went from 160 to 118 no boo boo you didnt weigh no 160 you looked like you weighed at least 200 lbs so insetead of lyin about your weight loss and hatin on christina be happy you lost weight and get over it plus.. Oh and p.s Christina had a baby bit** whats ur excuse for being a cow..


@Thembi: But before Christina called Kelly fat, Kelly had trashed-talked Christina on tv. Why am I the only one who remembers this?


lol wow christina gets hated on so much because she such a wonderful talented human ! and fat ...thick ..yea .. kelly started talking bull long time ago with that christmas cd christina debuted ...christina confronted her and she acted like she never said anything lol you can tell she just wannts attention. and who doesnt have a bad hair day? or has moments where you gain some pounds and the loose them..seriously SHE NEED TO STOP acting like snotty little teen and grow up! and fyi kelly is just a famous persons daughter but she can never compare to christina aguilera.... shes alright but she aint nothing big. well other than still being a fata** jealus girl....