Keep the Change: Hank Williams Jr. Calls Out ESPN, Fox News in "Revenge" Song!

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You didn't think Hank Williams Jr. was gonna go quietly, did you?

Calling out Fox News and ESPN after an interview with the former led to his firing by the latter last week, the crooner has cut a new song, "Keep the Change."

In the song, Williams sings "So Fox n' Friends wanna put me down ... Ask for my opinion ... Twist it all around ... Two can play that gotcha game you'll see."

Yes. That's what it was. Pure spin. Listen to the track here:

Hank also sings that the U.S. is "going down the drain" and says it's becoming "The United Socialist States of America." We're guessing he's not a Democrat.

After Hank ripped President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner golfing, likening it to Hitler and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round, ESPN yanked his Monday Night Football theme, then fired Williams a few days later.

The singer defiantly bashed ESPN, then recorded his "revenge" song.

Written and recorded in less than a day, the track was posted on his website Monday, along with "Hank Jr. for President" T-shirts ... an absolute MUST HAVE.

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It would be different if Hank hadn't apologized. He should have quit immediately after ESPN pulled his open from last week's game. Put your money where your mouth is Hank, and get ready for some irrelevance. I had forgotten all about the incident until reminded of it last night.

Melissa jewell copp

I feel like the reprecussions that came with what he said is a direct violation of his constitutional right to freedom of speech. I think if they didn't want his opinion then they shouldn't have asked for it. I like President Obama and don't feel that everything wrong with the country is necessarily his fault. He did come into a mess!


Oh For The Love Of God...Whatever his political views or thoughts are, it should have nothing to do with his singing a song for football. Did it say in his contract that he had to give up his rights to the 1st Amendment????? Its a good song, play the damn song!


NASCAR needs to hire Hank - "Are we ready for some Racing???"


Hank Williams Jr. is an idiot. He is a constant reminder that genius skips a generation. That being said, ESPN shouldn't have dropped Hank Jr. from MNF. Granted, what Hank Williams said was idiodic, and ESPN has every right to say we don't want a guy who compares the president of united states to hitler... But that song is an American Staple... I think even liberals as myself, who are also football fans are going to miss that song...


Hank you are to kind to these S.O.B.s. I would rather watch a dog have a bowel movement than a politician open his mouth. Of course you know the ones I am talking about.


I think Mr.Hank speaks the absolute truth and alot of people feel the same way this country is going down the drain because its lost its foundamental values, That came from polititions trying to please everyone . They sold out !!! Now our grandchildren will live in a corrupted,inmoral world,if not a communist country that obama wants to make it.I belive that obama plan is to sink the U.S by the economy n make it depend on a forgein country. You watch!!!


Give em' hell Hank!


Go Hank ............ Herman Cain for president !

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