Keep the Change: Hank Williams Jr. Calls Out ESPN, Fox News in "Revenge" Song!

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You didn't think Hank Williams Jr. was gonna go quietly, did you?

Calling out Fox News and ESPN after an interview with the former led to his firing by the latter last week, the crooner has cut a new song, "Keep the Change."

In the song, Williams sings "So Fox n' Friends wanna put me down ... Ask for my opinion ... Twist it all around ... Two can play that gotcha game you'll see."

Yes. That's what it was. Pure spin. Listen to the track here:

Hank also sings that the U.S. is "going down the drain" and says it's becoming "The United Socialist States of America." We're guessing he's not a Democrat.

After Hank ripped President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner golfing, likening it to Hitler and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round, ESPN yanked his Monday Night Football theme, then fired Williams a few days later.

The singer defiantly bashed ESPN, then recorded his "revenge" song.

Written and recorded in less than a day, the track was posted on his website Monday, along with "Hank Jr. for President" T-shirts ... an absolute MUST HAVE.

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I, too, am a big fan of President Obama. He's trying to keep our country from sinking but there's those who really want to see it sink for the sake of the party - forget our country, won't you. Hank Williams, or whatever his real name is, is a BIG BIG mouth and it finally got him in trouble. I'm not crying.


Hank Williams Jr.? His name is not Hank, he rides the coat tails of his father to gain fame. The man can't sing he is a disgrace and he needs to get off his daddys back and shut his arrogant, ignorant mouth. So, comparing him to his daddy is like listening to a no talent parasite gaining fame through the Famous Hank Williams. How's that BO@#%$%$%$#? or however your real name is spelled.




@Jim McBride, melissa j-c and Lana Frank: You people don't know what the First Amendment actually says, do you? Read it and then please come back with an apology for making the ignorant statements that a company cannot terminate an employee for what he or she says.


ppl keep yelling "freedom of speech", i understand that, but there is also consequences 2 the shyt we say. We cant even tell an officer wut we "really" think w/out having 2 deal wit jail time. Hell, my kids have their freedom of speech, but certain stuff, they know they better not well as me 2 my mom, its jus life. Take sum responsibility 4 ur own actions, grow the f*ck up. & like evry other person up here said: Obama didnt MAKE this country a hot mess, yall need 2 check wit the Presidents b4 him... HELLO DUMB A SSES


I for one totally believe in the freedom of speech. We've had to put up with all the Madalyn Murray O'hare's of the United States. I hope Hank takes espn and disney to the cleaners.


United Socialist States of America......about sums it up!!


President Obama inherited this crappy economy from the Bush administration! My boyfriend works for EOP and said the Bush administration did absolutely nothing but create wars he didn't pay for, put buddies in power that had no right to be there. This good ol boy system is coming to an end and they are scared. Team Obama! Republicans are sending this country to hell!!!


Oh yea, how easy it is to forgive when one makes a half hearted apology, when under his breath he meant what he said.. Replace Hank with Toby Keith, much better match anyway.. Hank is a rebel and always has been, he isn't going to change, and no one in their right mind would listen to his "Revenge" song.. The issues the USA is going thru as been coming on for year's, our President inherited all this and the idiots of this country just want to blame someone.. Research your history


I love President Obama, and mr. Big mouth hank just lost a fan!!

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