Keep the Change: Hank Williams Jr. Calls Out ESPN, Fox News in "Revenge" Song!

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You didn't think Hank Williams Jr. was gonna go quietly, did you?

Calling out Fox News and ESPN after an interview with the former led to his firing by the latter last week, the crooner has cut a new song, "Keep the Change."

In the song, Williams sings "So Fox n' Friends wanna put me down ... Ask for my opinion ... Twist it all around ... Two can play that gotcha game you'll see."

Yes. That's what it was. Pure spin. Listen to the track here:

Hank also sings that the U.S. is "going down the drain" and says it's becoming "The United Socialist States of America." We're guessing he's not a Democrat.

After Hank ripped President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner golfing, likening it to Hitler and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round, ESPN yanked his Monday Night Football theme, then fired Williams a few days later.

The singer defiantly bashed ESPN, then recorded his "revenge" song.

Written and recorded in less than a day, the track was posted on his website Monday, along with "Hank Jr. for President" T-shirts ... an absolute MUST HAVE.

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What happened to the First Amendment stating we have "Freedom of Speech"? The way it Looks they are trying to take that away from us!!! I gotcha back Bocephus!!!


Give em' Hell Hank - Whatever Happened to Freedom Of Speech - They didn't just Cemsor you they punished you - Even though they jump on a excellent opportunity to spin your words to their good making them the popular ones to you know who and a Southern Red Neck Country Singer turned into the Bad Guy - Don't mean this as a Slam to you - Remember the other Southern Song you had out - Keep On fighting for America's Rights Kudos and every other word that means Good Job - Light the Tsong like most of your songs - It's Wasy for Obama to Blame someone else for his mess question Where was he before his first Election - I hadn't even heard of him? e=player_embedded


They ask the man for his opinion and he gave it and is now being slamed for it! I am total agreement with Hank, at least he told the truth instead of telling america a lie. This has been totaly blown up much further than it should have! Team Hank all the way!! Keep The Change!!!


freedom of speech, not if somebody thinks they own you. tell it like it is HANK!


Obama DID NOT INHERIT. he wanted, asked for, and got the job. HES spent over four trillion dollars. Unemployment 9.1% His policies and stranglehold on buisness will make things worse. he should have stuck with community organizing.


When George Bush was spending all that money, no one was upset. The Dixichicks said something unflattering about him and their carrier was next to distroyed.
President Obama inherited 90% of the debt we are in, but no one seems to want to remember that. everyone is taking shots at him like it's open season on the President, while three years ago it could not be done, and yet you say it is not 'RACIST'. really now?


Sorry i meant half a billion. GO HANK


Im sick of obama saying he inherited a mess. He spent a half million dollars to get this job. He said he would fix everything, but he made it worse even with control of both houses for two years. You dont inherit something that u ask for and spend that much to get it.


Not liking Obama does not make you a racist but some of these comments do.


Not liking Obama makes you racist???

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