Kate Major: Evicted From Apartment After Michael Lohan Incidents

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Kate Major's landlord has had it up to here with Michael Lohan drama.

As such, the former Star Magazine reporter and assistant to Lindsay Lohan has been put on notice - move out of her swanky Florida condo by next week or else.

Kate, who's been involved in an ... interesting relationship with Michael for the past year and a half or so, called the police on him twice in the past week alone.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major Picture

Kate Major lives in an exclusive housing complex in Tampa, home to several rich and famous people, including pro athletes, and home to plenty of drama this week.

Michael Lohan was arrested for domestic violence after a dispute over oral sex early Tuesday ... then released and busted again after contacting Kate the next day.

He tried to flee the second time, but cops pulled him out of a tree.

In any case, Kate's landlord has not taken kindly to the media firestorm, serving her with an eviction notice, giving her until November 1 to pack up and leave.

Kate is fighting the eviction, but it doesn't look good ... much like the chances of Michael Lohan actually paying attention to the terms of his restraining order.

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Kate is an ugly, fat pig that will do anything(including dating douchebags like Jon Gosslin and Michael Lohan) to try and stay relevant. Does she even have a job, or does she create and sell stories full time? Sorry, but $2K per story is NOT a lot of money. Too bad she's so fugly. I heard Tampa is the stripper capital of the US...


She probably does live in a place like that because Michael paid for it. They make money by selling these stories, documents, videos, etc to these websites, and tmz. Kate is the one making the money for these. TMZ paid her $2,000 for the court dockets and disposition of the restraining order...they feed and LiVE off the drama...I know them, and don't talk to them anymore because it's too much of a circus for me...it will never end, trust me, and she is JUST as bad as he is


Lolo, don't buy into that crap that Kate lives in an exclusive housing complex with the wealthy and famous. She was renting out a condo, anyone can afford to do that. The rich and famous in Tampa OWN HOMES in exclusive neighborhoods like Avila, the Reserve, and Davis Islands...they don't live next door to rift raft like these two...


I can't believe people believe this crap no place can evict you without giving you at least 30 days after being served by the courts


These two celebrity wannabees deserve each other. This is a couple who desire high voltage drama in order to cope with each other. Maybe while packing boxes, and ordering that U-Haul, Kate will finally figure out that being in the life of Michael Lohan with or without a restraining order is a "speed dial to 911 love affair" that she can do without!!


How can she afford to live there? How does he afford to live. I know he gets paid to do interviews etc but I doubt it's the kinda money that can let them live the way they do.

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