Kaley Cuoco and Josh Resnik: Engaged!

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The hearts of men around the world who love laughter and beauty broke just a little bit today, as Kaley Cuoco announced that she's officially off the market.

The Big Bang Theory star is engaged to boyfriend Josh 'Lazie' Resnik. The latter works as an addiction specialist.

Kaley Cuoco and Josh 'Lazie' Resnik

No other details were revealed by Cuoco's publicist, who first reported this news to People. This will be the first marriage for both individuals and no wedding date has been set. Congratulations to the couple!

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She cheated on French with this loser. French was blindsided and painfully hurt. Resnik is an addiction specialist? Funny, because he works as a spin instructor and that's where she met him. I know all this is old news, but I just had to post it because French is a great guy who didn't deserve this at all. He stuck by her through her accident, even putting off his music to stay with her in the hospital and taking care of her at home. It makes me sick when good guys get the short end of the stick.


Don't do it Kaley, Marry me!!!


Kaley get back with Johnny!!!


I thought she was with French? Oh well I'm sure this marriage will work out.....I wonder who got the puppy Kaley and French had


Actually, I'm pretty sure Josh has been married before. And I heard he has a kid too.


How long-time could he be? As recently as June 1, she was tweeting about her live-in boyfriend, Christopher French.

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