Justin Bieber Does It Again

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Justin Bieber continues to make all other boyfriends look bad.

A month after the 17-year old sensation rented out the Staples Center - yes, the entire Staples Center - for a private screening of Titanic for him and Selena Gomez, The Winnipeg Free Press reports that Bieber pulled a similar romantic stunt Friday night in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This time, the couple enjoyed an emptied-out theater and watched Real Steel together.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on Oscar Night

According to the newspaper, Justin and Selena had a cheese pizza delivered to the theater and were whisked away in black Lincoln SUV after the showing.

This is the least Bieber can do, really. In his latest music video, the singer dares to enter a photo booth with another woman!

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I love Justin Bieber so much I JUST CANT EXPLAIN IT!!!! He means the world to me and I honestly don't think that Selena deserves him because lately she has been being a terrible girlfriend. She's been shooing away fans that are there for the both of them i have lost all respect for her as a person and it will never return. But I support Justin 100% until the day I die there are auditions this Saturday to meet him and I will be there!!!!! Im supeer EXCITED!!!!


they look good but i wonder why this kids are marrying while they are still very young their babies will be young kids


thumbs up for u jelena
keep going..


justin, no matter what anybody says, u both make a cute couple. Thumbs up. U did good in video with rascal flatts though:


I don't like his music, like lots of others, but he really seems like a sweet, sincere kid. I think Selena found a winner, and that this young couple may surprise us all by being together and happy for a very long time!


Bieber makes me sick!


He does make every boyfriend look bad.They look so cute together.I am so proud of him. I LUV U JUSTIN!!!!


How he wastes his money is his business. I only HOPE he spends at least an equal amount to help those less fortunate............ although somehow I kinda doubt it.

Mia tetangco

Being a spendthrift does not a good boyfriend make


I love Justin Bieber and i'm happy for them, but i just don't think he should spend all this money on Selena, probably next year or something they will be over, and all that money was wasted, but if that is what Justin really wants to do, then let him,
Love you Justin
Natalie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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