Justin Bieber Cuts Off a Cop, Gets Pulled Over

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Justin Bieber really needs to practice what he preaches.

The 17-year old filmed a PSA this summer based around vehicular safety, in this case the dangers of texting while driving.

But he has since gotten into an accident that may have been the result of street racing; and he was pulled over yesterday after actually cutting off a California Highway Patrol Officer.

Justin Bieber Video Photo

TMZ first reported the story (and has posted photos of Bieber's ridiculous ride, a custom-made Cadillac with "JB" on the side panel and Batman symbols on the front and back): Justin was leading a three-car motorcade, which included Sean Kingston in a Rolls Royce, when the incident occurred.

All three vehicles were pulled over, but the police merely issued a warning and Bieber was on his way. To safer driving, let's hope.

Come on, JB, at least think of the Internet. It might literally explode if anything happened to you.


An ordinary Joe would have bee ticketed.


He's a kid and kids shouldn't drive, just got hit by one on monday as I watched him drive away! Old people shouldn't drive either!!


justin bieber eu te amo voce e tudo para mim amei amei o seu novo clipe

Stacy elizabeth milaschewski

duhh he was obvs late for something important, little ass
pop his butt and actually put the puppy dog behind bars a few hours, maybe his face will change from the pic of him behind bars the other day.


The biebs got busted boiii!


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