Justin Bieber: Compared to The Beatles in Billboard

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Justin Bieber covers the latest issue of Billboard Magazine and is asked about his Christmas duet with Mariah Carey during the interview.

"That was high," he says of the notes hit. "But I grinded it out and we got it down.”

Justin Bieber Billboard Magazine Cover

It's Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, who gets the most attention from this article, however. Read how he compare his client’s fame to The Beatles:

“All the hype and the kids running down the street screaming, you lose the chance to say that this started because of the music. This album lets the music speak for itself. I don’t want to draw comparisons, but there was a band during the British Invasion that had girls screaming at them. I think you know who I’m talking about.”

That's high praise. Is Bieber worthy of it? Do you think he'll have a bigger career than The Beatles?


The only reason any one will EVER say Bieber is better than the Beatles or "close", would be if you ask some of the young Bieber fans who know nothing because they are so young. I didn't say not smart, I'm saying they haven't 'seen much of the world yet. I wouldn't expect all of them to understand why the Beatles are so much more important or better. Yet I'd still bet a lot of Bieber fans know better than to think he's outdone The Beatles, hopefully... But for the ones who don't, they might figure if girls scream for The Beatles, and they also scream for Justin Bieber, then they figure it must mean it's all the same. And of course Bieber's producer will gloat, but he's so over the top here. But what are we comparing here? Just the excited fan girls screaming? If that's it, then The Beatles still win because when they filmed bieber they just got a few episodes where the girls start to do that fanatical screaming they do. It looks similar, but I know for a fact that with the Beatles is was a lot more often, more wide spread. Also consider there was no internet, or social media etc to help get the word around as quickly. In the 1960's, things were slow going, yet that word spread. To Bieber's fans. If you want to compare, consider Bieber got the respect mostly from many fan girls nearer to his age. The Beatles's got ALL of that, several times over, PLUS all the respect of the male audience PLUS the fact that their fans ages spread from little children all the way up to old adults. Also consider that they were not only WRITING their own songs lyrically, but instrumentally too! They wrote all the music, played all the instruments, with the rare exception of guest musicians on occasion. Not only this but at one point they had 18, YES EIGHTEEN HIT SONGS ON THE CHARTS AT THE SAME TIME! Not one hit at a time. 18! Consider that with those 18, that they also occupied the TOP FIVE places simultaneously and consecutively on the charts. In other words, they had a #1 hit, a #2, a #3, a # 4 a #5 all at the same time with 13 more hits at random positions in the top 100! Has Bieber ever done that? Has anyone ever done that? Now do you see why they are so impressive? Next, their music helped to majorly shape the future of music with such lasting impact that the impact is still felt today! Few artists from that era have lots of new teen age fans in 2014, But the Beatles DO. They get them all the time, and thankfully many teens do know who they are. In fact they had the #1 best selling album close to around 2000, many years after they should be long gone. They were also within the TOP 8 albums of the last decade even though their album was that old. Justin Bieber has some good songs you like, and he's young and cute so you say, and he's current, but he's not even a close comparison to the Beatles. In fact after all this time, very few artist even have come close to them. And if you don't know their songs, likely you will run into them in the near future, somewhere and probably like them too. They are THAT special and a part of important musical history. I'm sure Bieber and his producers know this even with their silly gloating they are doing.


oh common Justin... get alive,, i don't hate you or whatever but please get alive,,, you are not even close to The Beatles, just saying!!




How dare this guy compare justin bieber to the Beatles? He must be losing his grip..


OMG, whatever that guy is smoking, snorting, shooting, or swallowing MUST be some sort of delusional drug.
I laughed so hard when I first read this that I almost wet myself.
The closest this kid can come to the iconic Beatles who wrote their own music and started the British invasion is that his last name starts with a "B".
He's the flavor of the month. Ten years from now he'll be on "Celebrity Rehab" or "One Hit Wonders" and we'll watch thinking "Oh, I sort of remember him".
Again, really, thanks for the laugh.....


LOL How much further can we go with this little guy that only has the benefit of 13 year olds admiration. As far as talent, musical genius, changing the actual music scene, contribute to history * well this average little singer won't do. There are far better singers out there right now. I suggest if his Manager wants to due a more realistic comparison then he should check out the other Legend and Genius that caused Manias throughout the world on a broad spectrum * not only little teen boppers but young, old, white, black, yellow you name it everybody knows his name none other than the Beatles competition the one and only MICHAEL J. JACKSON! I suggest JB Manager to observe this video and find out what Mania is all about http://youtu.be/T7z3F4q4kT0


when he achieves 21 #1 hits , when his songs top the first five spots on the bllboard at the same , when he has approx 75 milloins viwers as the beatles back in '64, sold over 650 millions records now cds and be voted 1st artist of new next millenium and better michael jackson r.i.p. , i will rise from from grave to congratulate him


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This made me laugh, its a ludicrous comparison. Just because Bieber has tons of teeny bopper fans, thats not nearly enough to warrant being compared to The Beatles. The Beatles had countless songs that will live on forever. I only know of one Bieber song. The kid can't even really sing! Get real.


there is so much that bieber would have to acomplish to be on the same level as the beatles it's not even funny,bieber should fire this guy for making such a stupid statement


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