Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes Cover "Drummer Boy"

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Justin Bieber and friends are continuing their catchy assault on Christmas.

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    There is no need in all this hate on the Biebs. I've been a fan of Justins since about 3 years ago. He hasn't changed one bit and he's still the same old Justin. Meeting Justin in person is alittle different because he's actually right there in person. Justin he's amazing and he has a Gift from God and he's here to share what God gave him. Justin's doing his job with sharing his wonderful gift. I've personally met Justin Bieber twice, and he's an amazimg kid. He's going to make a difference here in this world, and I hope he does. Justin's a great kid, so people shouldn't be hating. I mean he's making all the money, and he isn't even keeping the money from the Christmas album. It's going to Charity. (: Now what haterzz. Justin always says "Lovers think about me, and Haterz think about me to, because they talk crap all the time. Now he's an amazing kid. LEAVE HIM ALONE HATERZ!


    this young man, has nothing but talent, and I'm happy to see him pushing outside the box. Don't forget he just popped out of utube a few years ago, and what's so cool he shows us, posibilities, it's only our imagination,that holds us back, or the lack of, so give credit,where credit is do. Justin; nice job


    if u guys think that this song is not cool, U R FROM THE 80z.
    It is owesooomeeeee! love u jb


    Excuse me but I am a mom of a fan and an Aunt of another fan... And I also love this boy's voice..... He was blessed with a gift and all of u who aren't fans should keep negative comments to yourself. He's a kid, who is doing big and great things. And yes drummer Boy is one of my favorite songs and true this is different but he made it his own and Im sure his fans will love it. Justin Bieber is Michael Jackson of this generation and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. So if u don't like him or his music simply don't listen no one made u... As for Justin CONGRATS!!! I will be buying this for my daughter at work in the morning and playing it for the holidays.


    I have to get use to it never heard a christmas song like that i use to hearing it the old way


    If anyone who likes this or anything this kid does is not a female child 12 years old or younger, they are in serious trouble mentally. Justin Bieber is the Shaun Cassidy of today's pre-teen generation and will fade away just as quickly, I suspect. The fact that he has already made enough money to blow a few hundred grand on his own Ferrari is truly nauseating, and yes, I am envious.


    This is awful!


    Justin bieber sucks major butt, he needs to go away and stay gone.


    It sounds awful! Justin has screwed the song up so badly. I wish he would fall off the radar. If he had talent it would be a different story.

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