Josh and Ebony Rendon Cleaning Up Act, Feces; Fighting to Regain Custody of Daughter

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Josh and Ebony Rendon, the 16 & Pregnant duo whose daughter was taken away after officials found their home covered in human waste, were reunited with her at last.

The Department of Human Services in Arkansas took away 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn. Police then arrested them for child endangerment ... as well as drug possession.

Here are the mug shots of Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson ...

Josh Rendon Mug Shot
Ebony Jackson Mug Shot

The couple has since cleaned up their act ... and the squalor they lived in.

DHS has awarded them visitation twice a week - for two hours at a time, with supervision. Hey, that's better than no visits and/or ones featuring human waste.

Sources close to the married couple say that despite what happened, they are dead set on regaining full custody of their girl, and "will prove they mean business."

Josh and Ebony have already enrolled in parenting classes and therapy sessions. Let this be a lesson to you, Jordan Ward and Kianna Randall. Or maybe not.

A November 10 court date has been set to see if they'll get their kid back.


This couple shouldn't be allowed to have anymore children. The Child Services people should be investigated because they are probably allowing other children to be returned to unfit parents. The show "16 and Pregnant" should not be allowed on TV because it is showing the wrong image of parenting. The entertainment industry is lacking on common sense and decency. The poor child should not be returned to this couple but put up for adoption so some worthy parents can give her a better home and a better future.


Yeah, what could possibly go wrong here? Drug addict parents? House covered in human feces? What is wrong with the Child Services people? This child will absolutely end up on the front page and/or Nancy Grace as missing or dead, sooner rather than later. And the Child Services people will then act totally surprised. We all need to be praying for this child; NOBODY is looking after this child's safety or wellbeing.


If they gave a damn about their kid, they'd never have allowed her to exist one single second in human waste, so I think they're just doing it to clear their own names, and as soon as they have her back, they'll start sliding back to their old filthy ways again unless DHS watches them constantly. Praying for their kid.