Jordan Ward and Kianna Randall: (16 and) Pregnant Again!

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Maybe Jordan Ward and Kianna Randall of 16 & Pregnant fame are angling their own MTV spinoff called 18 & Pregnant ... because they both are, according to reports.

"Jordan's baby girl is due in November," a friend confirms.

She's already the mother of 18-month-old Noah. As we reported earlier this year, Jordan Ward's pregnancy was announced via Facebook as an eff-you to the haters.

The also-pregnant Kianna, meanwhile, already has an 11-month-old son, Kay'den (yep, that apostrophe is correct). It's unclear when she's due with her second one.

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Jordan Ward is married at least. Kianna Randall? We're not sure.

Being knocked up while facing felony charges for allegedly attempting to break into a home in Tarrant County, Tex., poses some new complications for her, though.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by any of this.

"One out of four teen moms will have a repeat birth within two years," said 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom "therapist" Dr. Drew Pinsky on the show's recent reunion.

There you go. We would've bet on Jenelle Evans, though. Even if she knows what control is, it's unlikely she'd remember to use it in a blacked-out drunken haze.


h and P.S.
Just because she is married, it doesn't take away from the fact that she is still 19!! I couldn't even imagine being stuck with the guy I started dating when I was 17, yuck. I have grown so much as a person since then and this is why I think this marriage will never last. 2 kids at 19 just puts more stress on an already rocky situation in my mind. Yes, some marriages work for high school sweethearts but let get real.


Gross. Birth Control works wonders. I'm almost 10 years older than these children and I don't even have one child yet. Stop being so irresponsible.


I get how it's irresponsible for Kianna, but Jordan is MARRIED now. Why shouldn't she be able to procreate for her husband?


This is just irresponsible of these women. I agree, I hope these kids are well taken care of. Just disgusting.

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