Jordan Ward and Kianna Randall: (16 and) Pregnant Again!

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Maybe Jordan Ward and Kianna Randall of 16 & Pregnant fame are angling their own MTV spinoff called 18 & Pregnant ... because they both are, according to reports.

"Jordan's baby girl is due in November," a friend confirms.

She's already the mother of 18-month-old Noah. As we reported earlier this year, Jordan Ward's pregnancy was announced via Facebook as an eff-you to the haters.

The also-pregnant Kianna, meanwhile, already has an 11-month-old son, Kay'den (yep, that apostrophe is correct). It's unclear when she's due with her second one.

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Jordan Ward is married at least. Kianna Randall? We're not sure.

Being knocked up while facing felony charges for allegedly attempting to break into a home in Tarrant County, Tex., poses some new complications for her, though.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by any of this.

"One out of four teen moms will have a repeat birth within two years," said 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom "therapist" Dr. Drew Pinsky on the show's recent reunion.

There you go. We would've bet on Jenelle Evans, though. Even if she knows what control is, it's unlikely she'd remember to use it in a blacked-out drunken haze.

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Who cares if Jordan is prego again?! How the hell do any of you know if she can provide fully for BOTH of her children or not? You DON'T know. Do you have to clothe her kids or feed them? Or take care of them? I didn't think so, therefore you shouldn't worry about it, who gives a damn about your rude judgmental ass comments, Sheesh!!!


Stop hating, jordan has the right to have more kids, she's married. What if you was in her position would you like people slagging you off like that. Just because you aren't mature enough to take care of kids. Stop hating and find something better to do with your life! As for kianna she might not be the best but it's happened so just hope the best and hope she gets her life together.. Don't regard her as trash people make mistakes more than once. Your going on like this is a new thing!


Just because jordan is 19 doesnt mean she cant handle it.. while ill agree its irresponsible we dnt. Their situation or how they will handle and take care of the kids.. i had my daughter at 17 and son at 19 im 23 now n have a good career a supportive family and a great babydaddy.. my kids need for nothing and never.. so before we judge lets see what happens.


Just because she is married doesn't mean anything! Yes you can fall in love in high school and be with that person forever (I have been with my high school sweetheart for 5 years now and were about to get married) They have not even been together that long and are still young!
They both chose to be on the show and they chose to be irresponsible and selfish and bring another child into the world! They could have waited until they were mature and had good careers so the child could have the best life.


Being married doesn't negate the fact that she is 19 and already has one child. Being pregnant again at this point is irresponsible. Whether or not they stay together forever or divorce next month, it won't change the fact that having two kids by the age of 19 is an irresponsible, poorly thought-out move. Furthermore it's certainly not beneficial for the children.


Jordan is a married, grown, legal age woman. She takes care of her child. If you people chose not to procreate and bear children, that's fine. Nobody's going to speak ill of you for it, so why speak ill of them for having children? Some people just need to grow up. It's not your life, so don't be so concerened with it. End of story.


Jordan is a great mom and she is married!! She can have as many babies as she wants!! She was my favorite and it's not like she isn't supported by family and by her husband. Many people are high school sweethearts and are still together!! As for kianna she us a nasty girl I have seen pics that she posts!! She should not be having another baby!!!


Hello panel of judges!! Judge away, you all shall be judged. Pots calling kettles black?


Jordan is married. My aunt and uncle were high school sweethearts and were in love until he passed away last year. It can happen and who knows maybe they are meant to be. I think it's ridiculous to blame a married girl for getting pregnant. She is of legal age, and who knows maybe she is more mature than you are. Her husband is in the military and can support them. You are just way off base for judging her


Who are you people to attack these young girls? Sure, they may have made some less than desirable choices, but it is them who have to live with the consequences. Just because they are young it doesn't instantly make them bad parents.