Jon Bon Jovi Opens Charity-Based Restaurant, Is Awesome

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Jon Bon Jovi has found a unique way to give back.

The veteran rocker and wife Dorothea have opened up a restaurant in central New Jersey named Soul Kitchen. It serves gourmet-quality dishes, many using ingredients from its very own garden, with one major twist: no prices.

Jon Bon Jovi in Portugal

Customers are simply asked to leave whatever amount they wish in an envelope on the table, with all proceeds going to charity. Those who cannot afford much, or would prefer to donate their time instead, are encouraged to volunteer.

"With the economic downturn, one of the things I noticed was that disposable income was one of the first things that went," Bon Jovi told The Associated Press. "Dining out, the family going out to a restaurant, mom not having to cook, dad not having to clean up - a lot of memories were made around restaurant tables."

The eatery is the latest endeavor by the artist's Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which has built 260 homes for low-income residents in recent years.



Jon Bon Jovi gets better with age. All the way around....his wife, family, generous heart for the needy or not so fortunate. Never forgets where he comes from. Willing to give back. If we were scientists....could we make a better guy?


I love Jon Bon Jovi. He is the most beautiful man and very good singer. Rock on Jon!!!


As a guy...I have the first 5 Bon Jovi albums....from his deput to his solo album "Blaze Of Glory". Anyways I'm sure his restaurant will be jammed packed everyday and every night. Too bad I live in Los Angeles, but if I ever go to New Jersey for a vacation, my first stop will be his restaurant..."Soul Kitchen".


Bon Jovi....marry me. Way to go! You and Bono rule...


@ Hilton Hater,
Thank You for giving Jon Bon Jovi credit for establishing a restaurant where everyone is welcomed. Jon was on (The) Oprah Show back in 2005 right after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. While onstage he excused himself for a few minutes and returned. He informed the audience that he had been waiting for the courier to arrive. He then presented a check for $1 million dollars to Oprah's Network to help build homes for victims of the hurricane.
This story is one of the rare headline making stories about celebrities who work,earn, and pass on their blessings to others. Thank You *HH (again) for giving your readers this up close and personal glimpse inside the generous Nature of Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi and their charitable foundations!!


Thank-you Jon Bon Jovi, Great Idea! and deeply appricate...Disabily checks don't go to far!