Johnny Depp Apologizes for Poor Word Choice

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Johnny Depp is very sorry.

The Oscar-winning actor has moved quickly in response to the latest issue of Vanity Fair, in which he says that taking part in a magazine photo shoot is akin to being raped. Says the actor in a statement released today:

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“I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.”

After excerpts from interview were released, RAINN offered to educate Depp on just why his comparison was so off-base and insensitive.

Do you agree? Do you think an apology was necessary?




His the most talanted actor out there,he can act all kind of roles.
How much i love those cheek bones.
Apology accepted altough i`m sure he said it as an expression!


Depp is a truly sensitive artist, as is shown in any role he has ever played. He used a phrase that to him conveyed his feeling. When confronted by others with a different, more literal understanding and fear of the word, he soaked it in quickly and was able to have empathy. He never had any malice. He is an exceptional person.


Oh Johnny.... I'm melting seriously :3 I have never experienced raped thank God, but have been close to it... When I was sexually harassed. I feel for all rape victims and may God help you get through this. Finally! a celeb whose apology is genuine and sincere. Johnny I love you and you are forgiven because I also found ur statement offending, but I'm glad u cleared it up. Ur amazing. I'm sure others will forgive u as well.