Joe Jonas Album Sales: Catastrophic!

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We hate to say it, but the facts speak for themselves: the solo career of Joe Jonas is off to an abysmal start.

In its first week of sales, Joe's first-ever solo album, "Fastlife," sold just 18,000 copies, landing him in 15th place on the Billboard 200. By comparison, the last CD Jonas compiled with his brothers, "A Little Bit Longer," moved 525,000 copies in the same time period. Ouch.

Nick Jonas, meanwhile, also jumped into a solo career last year (with his band, The Administration, that is) and sold 82,000 copies of "Who I Am." Double ouch.

"Transforming a charmed teenhood career into a viable adult one is possibly one of the entertainment industry's most difficult feats," wrote Julianne Escobedo Shepherd in Billboard last week. "For every Justin Timberlake, there are 10 former boy-band members whose post-group disinterest led them to hang up their hats."

Can Joe rebound from this rough opening week? Or will we next see him on stage with his siblings? Stay tuned, THGers. Stay tuned.

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It is not surprising. He was a over-hyped adolescent star, with very little talent, a vocoder, and a legion of hard-up hormonal pre-teen fans. Now his fans are older and more discriminating in their tastes, and the fickle hard-up hormonal pre-teen fans have moved on to the next "big thing'. Without real talent, it will be hard for him to transition from boy wonder to artist. Like you said, "for every Justin Timberlake..."


Well whatever.his album is great and sales never really mattered to me as long as the artists music is great.I hope he does better in his 2nd week though.


Joes album wuz great way better than nicks hope he has losts of sells


i think joes cd was horrible his hair too..and im a fan but he sucked lol he shouldnt have trid to be cool...


Ive always been a fan of the Jonas Brothers music and I loved Nick's solo album but I'm not a huge fan of Joe's. It's not really my style of music. I did buy the album and it's not bad. It's just not my favourite album in the world. I definitely think Nick's was much better. I think when the Jonas brothers release their next album together, it will sell extremely well but unfortunately Joe's hasn't.


And as for What!'s comment. She does have a point... A Little Bit Longer was not JB's last album. But, she could have worded a little differently and not be so rude about it either.


Okay I love Joe don't get me wrong on this, but I think with Lil' Wayne on his last track on the CD (if u got the parental advisory one), the remix of Just In Love, which ruined the song by the way, should not have been added to the album. Joe has many many younger fans and I'm for a fact certain their parents don't want them listening to it. I think there is a version of the CD without that song. IDK I got the album with Lil' Wayne on it. And Lil' Wayne he may be talented but I think he should have thought... Wait, maybe I'll rewrite this rap so younger kids can listen to it. His swearing in the song is actually uncalled for period. IDK why rappers have to swear in their songs. Its stupid. That is why I like Will Smith.. At least he doesn't have to cuss to make his point.


WRONG! the jonas brothers last album was Lines, Vines, and Trying Times! Do your research!


I listened before making my decision. It's just not a good album. He promoted it for all this time and it didn't measure up. I'm sure he wants teen idol lifestyle to continue but he lacks to talent to make that happen.


Wow I wish him the best of luck. he's a cool guy and I hope he sales more in he's 2nd week.

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