Jersey Shore Sneak Peek: Snooki RAGES at Sitch!

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If you thought tensions were already high between The Situation and Snooki on Jersey Shore ... you were correct. But at the same time, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Tonight, the expletives - and bottles - start flying.

In this sneak peek from Thursday's all-new episode, a full-on brawl erupts and puts Mike at risk of injury. As if Ronnie/the wall didn't bang him up enough already:

What set off the kooka-flashing Poughkeepskie Princess this time?

Let's just say when the pot-stirring Sitch tricks the gang into thinking he called Snooki's boyfriend to tell him Snook's been cheating with Mike, it didn't go over well.

"F--k you!" Snooki screams, hurling a wine bottle at Sitch, then chasing him down and throwing any object within her ineffectual reach in his direction, yelling:

"What's your problem?! I don't f--king like you! I f--king hate you!"

Does the fact that he was kidding make it better or worse? We'll see.

THG POLL: Jersey Shore is ...


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Snooki, what is happening to you I really loved you but you are becoming a real slut. Jennie is your true friend wake up. You are a pig take a sober look at yourself.....


has the snitch ever had a gf?


Snooki is a slut. Point blank period!!!!


I love mike! Its great that he calls them up on their bull sht! Make fun of snooki more!

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