Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: Ciao, Situation?

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And like that, another season of Jersey Shore is behind us.

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    nooooooooooooo i dont want jersey shore to leave


    Better if "Ciao Jersey Shore"! What a scam!!!


    I think this show should end after this season 4. pauly vinny dont want drama so they dont wna share a room with mike. wtf then whats the point of us watching this show with no drama. without mike this show is pointless. the rating will go down i can see it happening. we need to see ron and sam brake up atleast another few times. Pauly and Vinny are very mellow they can leave the show already and bring new people in. Snooki also has no drama in her life now thats also boring. If they wna be all 1 happy family then def i agree this show should end. Jenni is also wasting time in this house cause she is of no use. we need more drama or we all know this show will die.


    I was disapointe in this season. Snooki and Deena were so annoying, jenni and snooki were fighting for the first time, mvp turned into just vp, the whole mike and ron fighting was a waste of my time because mike stupidly ran into the wall. I hope next season will be better and also Deena has changed A LOT!! she used to be funny pretty and cool and now shes a wannabe of snooki and is sooo annoying and shes not as pretty! Whoever thought of going to italy is dumb. Nothing was the same! I really hope some drama and fights come next season and jenni and snooki DONT FIGHT.


    They should make a dating show with vinny and dj pauly. thatd be soooo funny. like the old real chance of love but better


    i dont really like deena she just still doesnt fit in the house in my opinion and snookie became a little different with her around but all b/s aside i love my jersey shore bitches!!!!


    i don't get it with sammi and ronnie.....what's up with these 2????? on again, off again, on again, off again.....people are tired of them..... they both should seek help once and for all.....nuf said....... and the skits with vinny and pauly d., i agree are hilarious....both have comedic talent, and together i also feel as if they could have there own spin-off series....the bromance brothers would be a good title....totally hilarious....


    I feel bad for Mike...sort of. I don't feel as if he is being any different from anyone else in the house. All of the roommates gossip and talk, unless their drunk all of time like Snooki and Deena. He appeared to have been going through a lot of changes this season. He probably just needs to relax and chill by himself next season, and try not to depend so much on the roommates' approval. But after seeing Snooki hook up with Deena and Vinnie...I totally believe Mike. Snooki is dirty.


    i did not like the finale of jersey shore last nite... i don't know if it's an act with mike or if he's for real.....but i will say i can't take snooki and deena this season, and sammi i heard breaking up yet again with ronnnie....enough is enough with these 2.....nuf said......


    pauly d n vinny are hilarious! They showed even mre clips of how funny they were in the afta show too. When da shore loses ratings and is finally ova i cud def see these two doing their own show togetha. They are comedy gold!

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