Jersey Shore Season 5 Preview: Pauly D Problems ...

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Probably the biggest drama in a (relatively) tame Jersey Shore Season 4 finale came in the form of The Situation and his status for the upcoming Season 5.

After a brief pity party, Mike obviously announced he'd be back in Seaside.

Luckily, MTV has released already released a three-and-a-half-minute sneak peek of the fifth season to hold you over until the bleak midwinter premiere.

Pauly D and the gang had a blast, but didn't get to tan much in Italy. Well, upon returning to the U.S., he went into GTL overdrive ... with sizzling results:

"I got no tan in Italy so I got a little excited. I went tanning in Jersey - tanning, tanning, tanning. I burnt my whole face off. I shocked my system, bro."

At least his blowout and bromance with Vinny appear to have survived.

The clip also makes it quite clear that the Jersey Shore cast wasted little time getting back into the routine, which means crazy nights out at Karma.

Deena may not be ready to do sex, but seeing Snooki dressed to kill makes JWoww want to bend that ass over and ... well, just watch the preview!

Jersey Shore Season Five premieres Thursday, February 9, 2012. MTV has ordered 13 episodes, airing from that date until May 10, 2012.


they Have the Season Start Date incorrect on this webpage. Comfirmed Via MTV. Season Starts Jan 5th 2012 @ 9pm.. Don't be so Rude!!!


I absolutely love this show...Love JWoww, Pauly D, Vinny, Deena and when he is not with Sam, I like Ronnie...I can't imagine this show with another cast...I will be among several others when this show is over and done, I will absolutely hate it...Trye some of the things they do are stupid, but I still enjoy watching every Thursday night and everyone knows not to disturb me during that time too...


megab u fucking idiot it maybe a typo


It definitly says it airs Feb.9th for all you people who cant read!! not Jan.


I'm soooooo excited for season 5! This show is amazingly entertaining.


yea boi season5 airs in january 2012 im mad no mo jersey shore until next year but good vibes nd beavis nd butthead starts soon


it airs in january 2012 i think well thats what i heard


Season 4 has just finished and i'm already craving season 5. Does anyone know when it airs???


OMFG^^^ Then dont watch it?! ANYWAYS, Im soo excited for Season 5, YAY !!!


well, there's 3 mins of my life I'll never get I remember why I don't watch this show

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