Jennifer Aniston: (Probably Not) Pregnant! Again!

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The press is relentless in its quest to make Jennifer Aniston pregnant.

The actress and Justin Theroux are making waves with their whirlwind romance, but for some reason, people are obsessed with this woman having a baby.

It makes no sense. Why would she rush into it when she just started dating this guy, and why it matter anyway? We have no idea, but clearly it does.

Case in point: The latest round of Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumors, spawning from this picture of her showing a possible "baby bump" on Monday night:

Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump?

Wow. Look at that "bump." That is totally a baby inside her.

"Could that be a baby bump on the 42-year-old? She says she's not in a rush to have kids with boyfriend Justin Theroux, but maybe it's time!" Hollywood Life suggests.

Brilliant sleuthing, Hollywood Life.

In the case of Jessica Simpson, there's very good reason to believe she is actually with child. But with Aniston, if she did anything beyond eating a healthy diet so she does not look like an anorexic waif, we'd be surprised.

Nice dress BTW Jen.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]


Samantha Namboothiri - GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't believe how beuftiaul these turned out!!!! THANK YOU for taking these pictures Molly! They are so amazing and I don't even have the words to describe how much we love them. We will cherish them forever and always think of you (and your amazing camera!)


aniston not pregnant. she looking make love only.The men go in and out
to her ,that ok,she like that.
not body perfect to her like major.
she looking for young men and powerful like Jonh.
theroux not men for her in love,look like in and out for another.


prob a thick body hugger underwear


There sure is a little bump there, though very elegant yet. Could it be a baby? Fans want it to be a yes to that question. Maybe this time...


I have seen her in dresses before with that little pooch sticking out. She's bloated maybe. I don't understand the media sometimes with their relentless obsession with this woman. Give it a rest already.

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