Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant (Not Really)!!!!!

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HUGE news, people: Jennifer Aniston is totally pregnant, according to OK! Magazine.

This is totally true, except for the part where she is not pregnant. Or getting a ring.

As fall begins chilling the New York City air, writes the celebrity news source, "Aniston has swapped her tank tops for jackets, scarves and peacoats as she walks hand in hand - while smiling ear to ear - with beau Justin Theroux."

If peacoats don't tell you she's preggers, we don't know what will!!

Aniston Pregnant!!!!!

Other "evidence" to support this BS cover story? New Jennifer Aniston pictures allegedly showing a change from her svelte physique to a curvier, more buxom shape.

There's even "the suggestion of a bulge around the belly." The suggestion.

Tongues are wagging, at least according to this report. But is Jennifer Aniston pregnant, for real, at age 42? We would bet heavily, very heavily even, that she's not.

However ... “She hasn’t announced it, but all her friends seem to think it finally happened,” an insider says. “Whenever anyone hints around the question, Jen gets really giggly and shy. It certainly has all of her friends buzzing!”

You never know. What we do know is that Brad Pitt is so glad it's not his.

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bo bo witch:
You must be a slutty rat yourself. Go find your mates, and leave the classy Jen alone. Go nibble at brad and angies tail.


I have to agree with Stephanie. Usually others who call others name, really are reflecting back onto themselves OR are just completely jealous of that person. I have never commented on these before either, Stephanie! Personally, I think Jennifer Aniston looks quite vibrant! Good for her for being happy, whether she is pregnant or not! :) P.S. I have a feeling little Bo Bo Witch may be what is considered a "troll" meaning that he or she is just saying mean things to start something. Have a good day, Stephanie!:)


well that was rude Ive never commented on these before,... but haven't you ever heard if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? gees some people....


Stop reporting on that slut! She looks like shit and I hope she has a nest of rats!