Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant (Not Really)!!!!!

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HUGE news, people: Jennifer Aniston is totally pregnant, according to OK! Magazine.

This is totally true, except for the part where she is not pregnant. Or getting a ring.

As fall begins chilling the New York City air, writes the celebrity news source, "Aniston has swapped her tank tops for jackets, scarves and peacoats as she walks hand in hand - while smiling ear to ear - with beau Justin Theroux."

If peacoats don't tell you she's preggers, we don't know what will!!

Aniston Pregnant!!!!!

Other "evidence" to support this BS cover story? New Jennifer Aniston pictures allegedly showing a change from her svelte physique to a curvier, more buxom shape.

There's even "the suggestion of a bulge around the belly." The suggestion.

Tongues are wagging, at least according to this report. But is Jennifer Aniston pregnant, for real, at age 42? We would bet heavily, very heavily even, that she's not.

However ... “She hasn’t announced it, but all her friends seem to think it finally happened,” an insider says. “Whenever anyone hints around the question, Jen gets really giggly and shy. It certainly has all of her friends buzzing!”

You never know. What we do know is that Brad Pitt is so glad it's not his.

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Leave her alone. I'm so sick of celebrities screaming about babies from the moment of conception. Not everyone is looking to get pregnant. And better you know it before than after. Too bad someone isn't brave enough to say they don't necessarily want children. Getting pregnant isn't exactly rocket science--NOT getting pregnant seems to be hard for some.


Ignoring everything. All I see is a women who is in her 40s who like any woman, wants to have a child. Congratulations if she is pregnant.


WOW! Funny true story: my husband knew this guy. The guy introduced him to his wife who had a stomach. Hubby says he didnt tell me you were expecting. Woman says we are not!! Never assume a woman is pregnant it could have just been a big lunch!


Jen is absolutely amazing, bottom line! I will love an support her prego or not. I'm sure all of her fans will feel the same aswell.


If you went up to her house- she would not piss on you. Really boycott these people and to everyone else- FUCK OFF HA HA H AH AHA


I don't get the Brad comments... WHY bring him up all the time, they've been DIVORCED for over six years for god sake and both have moved on!!! Why shouldn't he be pleased that his ex is pregnant... which in fact I don't really believe in but time will tell?


think pit is absolutely right for giving his kids a lunatic for a mother


i dont speak inglish pero creo que si estuviera embarazada lo diria o esta esperando llegar a un tiempo de 3 meses para afirmarlo ? si lo fuera ojala que sea feliz porque la adoro a jenn


By first commentator I mean Bo Bo Witch... What a name btw. You sound jealous. The more you wish bad for someone the more blessed they will be... So ur not harming her really.


My God the first commentor has issues. I think jennifer is pretty cool and lovely esp for her age. I hope she is pregnant, she will be so happy. Babies are a blessing and well she is getting older so hopefully she settles down. Hmmm I wonder what Brad will have to say if she is pregnant. :/